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    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA has a huge stadium named Allegiant Stadium. The American football team, Las Vegas Raiders play there.

    Would you please add the stadium to the Las Vegas scenery.

    Fun fact: The stadium's location was heavily debated because it lies in the flight path to KLAS 8L/R.

    Every time I attempt to update, Steam reports "manifest missing" and the update stops.

    May last update was 11/05/22. I have tried;

    1. Changing the update region in Steam.
    2. Enabling and disabling AF beta.
    3. Clearing the Steam cache.
    4. Flushing the DNS cache.
    5. Verifying my host file.
    6. Trying wireless.
    7. Disabling my VPN.
    8. Disabling my firewall.
    9. Deleting Steam and letting it re-install.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Please?

    Two quick questions. I have not installed the USA DLC yet.

    The Western USA is included in the base install, as far as I can tell. It looks great.

    1. Does the DLC package provide a significant improvement?
    2. How large is the USA DLC package?

    "It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. I'm not a big man." - Chevy Chase (Caddy Shack)

    I was very wrong when I jumped to conclusions regarding FS4. This sim looks so much better and it has full functionality.

    Great job Jan and IPACS. I appreciate your hard work and honesty. Unlike Austin and LR. :)

    We pay for a simulator or game as it is! Any free update you get later on is a good thing, not something to demand from a developer...
    Sometimes you get things for free like the helicopters for Aerofly FS 2 that came as a free update, sometimes you get a new version (Aerofly FS 4) and we have to pay for it...
    If we see it that way, we can be patient and happy with what we have. :)W

    As a customer you pay for everything. Period. When you buy a product, unless you are told the product is missing items AND those items will NOT be replaced/repaired. You expect and should expect the product and all remedies. IPACS did not advertise FS2 as incomplete. As a matter of fact they have continuously promised to add the missing components.

    As I have told others in the X-Plane forum..stop defending a money-making enterprise. Unless you own the business or share its financial gains, think of your bottom line. The original poster, me and any other paying customer has the right and justification to demand what we expect. If you are satisfied with what you have, why even comment here? We are trying to get results and here you are interfering. Again, IPACS is a company not my friends or family.

    It's so sad that forum members who demand things to be added to AFS2, and complain that they do not appear overnight, then criticise and generally attack the IPACS team, do not seem to understand what is needed to meet their demands

    AI Traffic in a flight sim is not just moving scenery like cars on a road or active airport service vehicles.

    Ai traffic needs to be supported by active, automated ATC. That needs to interact with live real weather information - two major projects to be completed before AI traffic is possible, and then the whole thing has to be integrated into the sim so that we can interact with it - two more major projects.

    I am confident that IPACS can provide this. I know they do not have a huge team of coders fed by a multi-million dollar budget, so I will have to wait a while. That's fine by me.

    Hello Buddy!

    IPACS is a business NOT our friends. We can demand anything we like from them or any business entity. We paid money for this product. Many or us believed that we would get a finished, polished product at some point. 5 years later, we still do not have traffic. Think of it an flight simulator (really it is just a faded game) with no traffic.

    This is Google maps..but paid for.