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    I have finally been able to get Stickmover (SM) to work with RC8. I had some trouble with the SM to coordinate the gimbals with the RC8 controllers; i.e., the throttle was on the right stick and reversed. Support finally had me turn on view/transmitter and the SM immediately switched to mode 2. Great! So now I made a recording and played it back. To my disappointment the recording does not enable the SM. I was hoping we could make recordings of things like IMAC and share them.

    Maybe in a future update of RC8?



    Is anyone using the Graupner Stickmover with the new release RC8 of Aerofly?

    I am waiting for my RC8 and I am starting to use Stickmover.

    So far Stickmover is helping me. It takes some focus and repetition (practice) to

    feel what the sticks are doing. I focus on one set of gimbals at a time until I get it.

    Then on both and finally I try to anticipate the stick movements. Then I go to the sim.

    Are there instructions on how to create "skills" with RC8?

    I have attached some shots of the open Stickmover. It has 4 HiTec HS322-HD's (cheap).

    Pretty good gimbals and lacks potentometers, so there's no possibility of overriding

    the servos and sending stick positions the other way.