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    This app sounds fun and very cool but with all the security problems with Java this program has me nervous. Has anyone who knows code taken a look at it? Is there a better method than using Java? Thanks.

    Over the years, to many end-users, Java became synonymous to security risks because of its “Java browser Plugin” technology. This is not the case here. You are not running the app in a browser. This is a desktop application, installed manually and locally on your PC. So, you really don't have to worry about security issues with PJ.

    Aerosoft is currently preparing a dedicated Aerofly page. Please be a little bit more patient. A few free DLCs are already available here:

    Fantastic news!

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    I hope the developers community will grow quickly. Many development tools are similar to those used to create add-ons for X-Plane and FlightGear. This should encourage talented creators to join us. I think I will try to adapt one of the models I created for X-Plane.

    Congratulations for your amazing work!

    Dumb question: why only the head and not the entire pilot? For the end-user, this behavior looks like a bug.

    More seriously, what is the logic to define if an object should be hiden or not?

    Does the 3D model of the plane use LOD groups? Or do you use some sort of variables to hide objects according to the view distance?

    As a long-time FSX and X-Plane user, I'm really impressed by the visual quality and performances of AFS2 !

    I just noticed a curious bug with the Strike Eagle: the head of the copilot (weapon systems officer) disappears in external view when the building density is set to low in the graphic settings.

    Can somebody else reproduce and confirm the bug? I'm using the DVD version from Aerosoft.