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    I tried to have a look at the sport field/pool issue, so I downloaded one of the areas you mentioned. But I can't reproduce the issue. Also without seeing your entire script it is hard to see what is going on. Might be one filter is missing a condition which causes them to be included.


    As Chris mentioned in his post I have implemented the changes in the CreateAF2Building step now. The manual has been updated and shows the new arguments the step has. There is an argument for the floors attribute, an argument for the height attribute, an argument for the scale (applied to the height attribute value) and an argument for the fallback height.


    In fact we could imagine a "one line" solution with two fallbacks for both levels and height: if (height value exists) use it else if (levels value exists) use it else use the hardcoded value (or hardcoded values range).

    Since the TOC file specifies the amount of levels, I was thinking of an order levels - height - fallback.


    That said if we look at some commercial sceneries from IPACS or ORBX we can obviously see non-rectangular buildings. But maybe in this case it does not go through TOC files, I admit that I have not dug the subject at all ...

    Those are probably custom objects, instead of cultivation buildings then. The last category can have any shape.

    Let me try to reproduce the issue on my side.


    I was on vacation, so hence the late reply (also I don't check this forum that often).

    I understand what you mean with the duplication of the lines. That's not very elegant indeed. Let me think a bit about it, but the only way I see to prevent that is to modify the CreateAF2Building step so that you can specify a level attribute, height attribute and fallback level value in case no attribute exists. But that would make the step a bit more complex to use for some people as well. So let me think about that.

    Making scenProc only process each feature once does not fit in the concept of how scenProc works. So that will not happen.

    For the "generic buildings" my impression is that AF2 doesn't support them (like FSX/P3D don't). It is only possible to specify rectangular buildings in the TOC file. So that's why i can't export other shapes. Or do you see options for that?

    Do you see that swimming pool issue everywhere or just with some swimming pools? If I know a location where it happens I might be able to reproduce it here.

    The filter that you use to select the features to process can also be used to exclude certain features from processing. On the other hand if you don't want to use certain features as well, you can also restrict the import in the ImportOGR step already with the required attributes value in there.

    Tom, at the moment the only way to convert between height and floors would be to include it in the filter. So let's see you have multiple steps for 1, 2 and 3 floors. In the filter to select the features you would then include something like "height > 0 And height < 3" for 1 floor, "height > 3 And height < 6" for 2 floors, etc.

    In the filter you could also check for height != "*" to select features that don't have the attribute. These could use random values.

    I'll try to make a sample script later.

    Maybe I can let the CreateAF2Building step handle both height and floors. I need to think about that.


    I have added the levels and floors attributes by default to the osmconfig.ini file now. I the next build that will be included.

    When a feature doesn't have the attribute, the attribute name is parsed as number of floors now. Which will return 0 in case of levels and therefore it probably doesn't show.

    So your extra check in the filter to check if levels has a value is correct. You should probably at a check to the step where you don't use the levels attribute to make sure that there you only catch buildings without the attribute (so add And Not levels="*").

    For the plants issue, I have changed the PlacePointsInPolygon step recently (check the manual). You need to add the optional option INHERITPARENTATTR to make sure the attributes are copied. Else your filter doesn't work. I changed this to make sure all steps that place points work the same. I have also just updated the AF2 sample in the manual to ensure the attribute is in the sample as well.


    scenProc can indeed not do calculations in the AddAttribute step, only in filters calculations are supported.

    If there is an attribute with the number of floors scenProc can use that. But if some features have that attribute and other not that might also not give the intended results. So in that case the best approach would be to make sure each feature has that attribute, for example by assigning it a default value for the features that don't have the attribute yet.

    arnog , Rodeo ,

    Any chance if either of you know if there is something to this issue I posted a bit back in the thread?

    I had some issues with that before as well. When exporting as TSC file I made sure everything becomes lower case to prevent such issues.

    Are you exporting as TGI or TSC?

    It's a bit annoying that the Content Converter seems to be case sensitive in this case, while for example COLLADA is not.