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    Sure, I will try to quantify the approved graphics: (2015 15" MacBook Pro w/ AMD and 2.5Ghz CPU)

    Before update, I would need to run graphics at 50%-60% Pixel percentage and minimal graphics settings to avoid what I can only describe as stutters that would exist in the graphics (especially when panning or shifting views) This feels to me like a pipeline clog...

    Post update, I am now running maxed out at 100% Pixel percentage and Ultra graphics. I will still get an occasional stutter, but nothing close to before. I also notice a much clearer rendering of scenery.

    Not very scientific, but I hope I have depicted what I believe as a large improvement.

    Critical components in the Mac delivery code for MAS? Aerofly 2 code? Perhaps some of us can assist you... Mac users are well past 9 months in waiting for some sort of news, refresh, update, etc...

    Creating a multi platform flight simulator product require a lot of savvy and sophisticated coding... Please don't expect us to believe you cannot figure out how to update it!

    What drhotwing1 will not reveal is that for some reason, they chose not to work with the Mac App Store. There are many software titles that can process updates and add-ons via the MacAppStore, so I am not sure what the issue is... My guess is it may revolve around $$$... Maybe Apple wants too much of a cut of the revenue?

    Another flaw in drhotwing1's logic is that, just because the Aerofly declared the Mac version a full product, it will be received the same way by the customers. Aerofly F'ed up by releasing on MacAppStore if they were not willing to support. They should have just offered the Mac version as part of the Steam product, but they opted for the extra $$$ of a separate sale. Now they have a customer relations issue.

    We give the same love to users of all platforms. Some platforms do have limitations though that in order for us to update them it may just take a little bit longer.

    We haven't responded because we were all working hard to release a major update for the PC version. We will update the Mac version but have to navigate through a more difficult Apple update path.

    With all due respect, claiming that Mac updates may take a little bit longer seems a little disingenuous. We have been waiting since February to simply be able to use the NY scenery that exists on the Windows side. Please do not say that this is a development issue. It seems to me you are simply choosing not to deal with the Mac App Store. Dare I ask when this new update will find its way to the Mac version?

    (I get that you are merely the cook and do not own the restaurant, but you have assumed the role of maitre d and our table is taking way too long!)

    I have both a windows copy of FS2 (Steam) and now the Mac copy. I noticed that both copies of the default install (only SW area, no addons) are roughly the same size ~33GB) But I noticed that the default world scenery seems to be of a higher resolution on the Windows version. Is this the case? If so, is there any way to improve this for the Mac version?