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    Planning a flight from Paris to Barcelona in the B747 - in the Navigation page, I have selected all the info for runways/departures/ altitude is set to 14,000. I try to adjust up to 36,000, click "Done" but the cruise altitude is set at 14,000 feet...??

    Anyone else?

    I'm trying out the LearJet for the first time in AFS 4, I get fuel qty low and eventually run out of fuel on a short 233 mile flight..?? lol - guessing the range should be better. I haven't crashed yet but the readouts show 0 for L/R tanks.

    Is this just something to do w/ Aerofly? I don't recall this being an issue in AFS 2.

    I finally got one of these and I just hooked it up. In AFS 4 I have the axis' mapped and everything appears to be working, I'm setup for twin engine prop.

    I load up the Dash 8, cold and and dark on the ramp at KSJC. I turn on the batteries, power the APU and the plane resets to the runway...? Then I load up the Baron 58, the condition axis does not move the controls in the cockpit.

    Any ideas what could be going wrong? Paired with the Velocity One Flight Yoke.

    EDIT: change mixture to condition