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    That's a great list of aircraft but unfortunately we cannot make every airplane on the planet. Those would be great third party add-on aircraft or user made aircraft!

    I understand that they can't make all the planes on the planet!!! , I just meant that hopefully one of these can be incorporated for you, or some third party!! :)

    We will do our best to publish FS 4 by end of June. So far it's looking good, but some things are not under our control. We are still optimizing a few things here and there and decide on how to best distribute all the data across the various packages on Steam.

    For the initial release, FS 4 with the USA airports and scenery will be around 120 GB of data, this includes all western states as well as Florida and New York region.

    The optional and free DLC download for Europa airports will be roughly the same.

    But expect quite a few more updates and even more airports after the initial release. New airports from various locations are already finished or in the pipeline.

    Hello! Administration I would like to know if they will be sold in Aerosoft and if they will also be sold on DvD

    Toda la región de vuelo de alta resolución predeterminada también tendrá cobertura de cultivo, por lo que no necesitará su cultivo anterior en su mayor parte. Una vez que se lance Aerofly FS 4, planeamos lanzar archivos de texto de ejemplo para el nuevo formato de archivo de cultivo para que los desarrolladores de estas herramientas externas puedan actualizar su software para admitir el nuevo formato Aerofly FS 4 y los mosaicos de cultivo más pequeños.

    Well, I understand, but I was referring to my country, I am from the Dominican Republic (Caribbean) and I have the images and a good crop there and I would like to transfer it to the New AFS4

    You can fly around the world, there is nothing stopping you. The global images have a lower resolution, otherwise the download size would be measured in Terabytes. Using the SDK users can also add higher resolution images just like in Aerofly FS 2.

    Thanks for answering, and another question, we can use the images that we have already created + crops in our new AFS4 ???

    Aerofly FS 4 base package scenery (as of right now) is the same area as Aerofly FS 2 with all US DLCs: DLC Utah + DLC Colorado + DLC North Eastern US + DLC Florida; with the addition of the newly added Oregon and Washington States. More areas can be added to the base region later on. Europe DLC is for free and the entire planet has base aerial images, elevation and navigation data.

    Good morning Jet-pack, It means that we can fly anywhere in the world and we will see each country without having to create the images ???, we only have to create the crop ???

    juan37: This has not been decided yet, the first version will only be available on Steam due to the numerous updates we expect to publish.

    Thanks for answering, Mes I would like to see the shadows of the clouds on the ground, please remember that too, Weather and water!! Successes and Blessings!

    We have some more information here now: Aerofly FS 4 Desktop - Feature Overview

    And here are some more in-development screenshots.

    Hello! Admin, I would like to know if it can also be purchased from Aerosoft as a download, or will it only be on steam?

    Thank you very much Administration for answering my question, Thank you for taking into account and valuing the hard work that many developers have achieved during all this time to make Aerofly Much Better!