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    Hello!, My opinion is that this Simulator is one of the best, the clouds are very good, I love them and I know there will be improvements, also the beautiful landscape, some tremendous fps, among other things.

    We must think that when the flight simulators came out, all of us who had the opportunity to see or have a simulator in the 90's realized that everyone came without ATC, without rain, without traffic, etc., and that each one of those things was gone. adding with third parties, both to improve scenery among other things! and here we see that this simulator since it arrived has been native in super fluid virtual reality! and now with many improvements, traffic, many well-achieved airports, tremendous cultivation among other things!!, I must congratulate this small team which has done a tremendous job and I know that over time it will grow and improve!!!, on this side You have my full support and appreciation!!!

    Thanks for Aerofly!!!

    It's correct, my AFS4 feels the same in HHD, I'll leave it there, I imagine that the Simulator will improve with God ahead!

    Thank you very much for giving me back the mjs, best regards

    Yes, I wanted to comment on that, the problem is already in Virtual Reality, I had to lower the graphic quality to be able to use it!!

    How do you feel the VR on your SSD?? feel better??

    I bought a 1 TB SSD just for AFS4 as my internal drive is only 500gb. If you are buying an external drive then that is what I would suggest. But, if you have other options then go with them.

    I have a TB SSD but it's almost full and a 1.5 HHD eh I installed AFS4 on the SSD first and there was little space left so I had to install it on the HHD for space, and I was thinking about buying a 1tb nesterno for AFS4, but according to Jet-pack there is no difference in those two discussions to use AFS4.

    Thanks for the advice! AOB

    Changing the theme Jet-pack a question; for the developers of AFS4, because they don't paint the propellers on the piston and tubropop airplanes, that is, when they are turned on you don't notice the paint on the tips of the propellers in Aerofly, and that would also give it an attractive appearance! ! , I think that in Aerofly fs1 it was noticeable

    Good day! Jet-pack, One question please, I feel that in VR the Simulator is jumpy, it is not fluid, I have a Reverb G2, Ryzen 9 3900x, #32 gram, an RX 5700XT 8Gb, and I installed it first on the SSD, I had little space and I uninstalled it and installed it on a normal HDD disk with enough space of one and a half Gb and it still has many jumps, I would like to know why the stutter!

    A cordial greeting

    Toda la región de vuelo de alta resolución predeterminada también tendrá cobertura de cultivo, por lo que no necesitará su cultivo anterior en su mayor parte. Una vez que se lance Aerofly FS 4, planeamos lanzar archivos de texto de ejemplo para el nuevo formato de archivo de cultivo para que los desarrolladores de estas herramientas externas puedan actualizar su software para admitir el nuevo formato Aerofly FS 4 y los mosaicos de cultivo más pequeños.

    Well, I understand, but I was referring to my country, I am from the Dominican Republic (Caribbean) and I have the images and a good crop there and I would like to transfer it to the New AFS4

    You can fly around the world, there is nothing stopping you. The global images have a lower resolution, otherwise the download size would be measured in Terabytes. Using the SDK users can also add higher resolution images just like in Aerofly FS 2.

    Thanks for answering, and another question, we can use the images that we have already created + crops in our new AFS4 ???