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    If I quit TrackIR while setting up the Flaps, the "axis" bar goes away. However, once I start TrackIR, the problem returns unchanged - moving my head raises and lowers the flaps via TrackIR, and the assigned keys and buttons have zero effect on flap position.

    Something ain't right!

    I'm new to Aerofly FS2, and this problem may have an easy solution, but I can't figure it out. It relates to the flap setup under 'SETTINGS/PRIMARY. I'm using a Warthog HOTAS system with TrackIR 5.

    Within the flap setup line is a central window marked 'yaw' with 'in' and 'out' labels on either end. I presume that these labels refer to 'up' and 'down' flap positions (the more common use in English for flap position), but I'm puzzled by the yaw label. Why yaw? I find that it's linked to my TrackIR lateral head movements, which raise and lower the flaps as I move my head (!) I also find that whatever key or button designations I enter in the boxes don't work. (I presume that the two windows on each side allow a keystroke AND button designation for in/up and out/down.)

    Is there any fix for this? Otherwise everything seems to work fine.