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    I'm not 100% sure right now but I think you can start the engines without the APU running. I know the Learjet has electrical starters so it definitely can :)

    About this "load in a colder state": we have might add an option for this later, would be nice to have that.

    And Ed, yes we consider adding fuel consumption and weight and balance but not just for the Q400 but for at least the majority of aircraft. (one could argue the F18 shouldn't have fuel consumption or otherwise the fun would be over in 15 minutes.)

    The Q400 can actually start its engines without both the APU and GPU (although battery starts are rare in actual operations because of the battery drain). I'm looking forward to doing start ups with the upcoming VR hands.

    Okay, thanks for the quick reply.

    I think, since you are a rather small team, making this thing as moddable as humanely possible is essential to compete with the big simulators. There's nothing wrong with a VFR focus, obviously, but since the engine, graphics and performance are so much better than X-Plane or P3D I really think Aerofly has the chance to become one of the big simulators within the next years.

    The default aircraft don't have that much depth in any simulator, so it's important to have a way for 3rd party developers to develop the complex aircraft.

    Anyway, thanks and have a nice weekend!

    Hi there,

    In this thread it is mentioned that there's not a big demand for a way to program cockpit displays within the SDK.

    Is there, today, any timeline when this feature might be released?

    I'm a software developer, so I understand that this kind of exposure to external (rendering) code is currently probably not covered by the engine architecture at all. It would really be required for developing more complex (or modern) 3rd party aircraft, though. It might even open up ways to extend existing (default) aircraft. I believe zibo's 737-800 for X-Plane works like that, and I'd really love to have a try at extending the default Q-400 a bit to feature more accurate procedures and maybe a (very simple) FMC.



    The short answer here is yes.

    We will provide more information on this shortly.

    Oh wow, that sounds awesome. I can't wait!

    But its important, to use it with gloves, because we have no hands free for oculus hardware controller , both hands are on pitch and stick / yoke.

    Well, I don't know if you've tried the X-Plane 11.20 implementation, but it works really well. Sure, I like using my yoke, but the touch controls for the control surfaces work so well that I only use my touch controllers in X-Plane and don't use my physical yoke at all.

    You will see the hands to replicate your own but there will be nothing linked to a pilot model. The motion control feature will be solely for operating and controlling the aircraft.

    Though I never tested it i'm sure that whatever solution you currently have will work with this except there will be no arms connected to the hands.

    Maybe in a future update down the road though....

    Will the motion control be implemented like in X-Plane, with actual gestures that fit the control that's being manipulated (e.g. turning your wrist to turn a knob, using your finger to flick a switch, etc.)?

    I *love* using Aerofly with my Rift. The VR controller implementation in X-Plane is the best I've ever seen, even better than FlyInside, so a combination of both would be a dream come true. It really feels like you're touching the cockpit and their concept of controlling the plane also works incredibly well. If you're doing VR controls, there's absolutely no harm in getting inspired by X-Plane's implementation.

    I'm looking forward for a first preview, really exciting stuff!