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    Would be Nice to have C172 in Cold And dark condition as defauld. Like in real world. Aircraft is Parked and everything is switched off. Is possible to add this as a option in start menu? I will be very Happy with this small step to realism in amazing AFFS2 VR! Nice sunday to everyone :+)

    Hi friends,

    I am also trying to find ideal simulator balance during scenery files loading to vRam.

    Would be great to be free of this little drops in VR, because overall smoothness of FS2 is simple amazing.

    I experimented with various HDDs and found interesting resutls.

    My app performance is 90FPS + headroom about 50-70% :

    App data on internal SSD: scenery loading impact is quite high - FPS goes down to 60-50FPS for a second.

    App data on internal HDD 7500rpm: during scenery loading FPS goes down to 75-70FPS for a little longer time as in case of SSD.

    App data on external slim HDD 4500rpm: I can see drops more often, but FPS goes down to 80-85FPS only and they are less noticeable.

    It leads me to conclusion, that limiting background data stream to slower value can (maybe) improve stability and smoothness of main application. Is possible to control this data flow somehow?

    PS: I am sorry if my thoughts are stupid for you :)

    I am not programmer. Just trying improve our feelings in VR for all pilots here.

    Nice weekend to everybody!

    Hi toutenglisse,

    thanks for input. There are two different parameters regarding FPS (IPS). Compositor and Application frames dropped. You can run Oculus debug tool and switch to performance view to see booth values in real time.

    I have founded differences in Compositor behavior only. My application FPS ("IPS") are the same as yours. No difference with CPU OC On or Off.

    I am now free off "Compositor frames drops" if my CPU oveclocking is dissabled. Compositor drops are more disturbing as Application drops for me. But App drops are caused by new scenery files cashing into Sim as Jeff wrote to me before.

    I hope for another possible improvement of background scenery files loading style.

    Your FPS are disturbed by some of windows background process maybe. Try Latencymon and maybe you will isolate process dropping your flying experience.

    Have a nice evening and happy flying!

    Thanks for quick reply Jeff,

    I look forward to new features and updates from You.

    AFS2 VR implementation is the best at the market this time.

    Despite todays Headsets limitation, you reach really amazing result. Thanks for that.

    Good luck with coding of our future :)

    Hi Pilots!

    After few tests i found interesting behavior of AFS2 VR on my PC.

    When my CPU is overclocked, i can observe Compositor frames drops very often causing big stutters (but performance debug shows app. frame rate 90fps and 50% headroom).

    On the other hand if CPU overclocking is disabled in BIOS, I am not experiencing any Compositor frames drops and Simulator runs very smoothly, surprisingly with the same performance values (app frame rate 90fps, 50%headroom). Tested with graphic settings to HIGH, SS 1.5, Nvidia default settings and using great Swiss scenery.

    I am very happy with flying over beutiful mountains for now. I hope this info can be helpful for you friends (maybe for devs too ;)

    Only one small defect still remains for me: Application FPS randomly skip one frame below 90 and number of Application Frames dropped is increasing (causing small stutter everytime)

    Maybe is it initiated by background scenery loading - i dont know. CPU overclocking doesn't make any difference here.

    Is here on forums somebody, who solved that small issue? Maybe is there some way how to add little latency to Sim and create needed room for backrgound scenery caching.

    Thank you for any ideas and have a nice weekend. :thumbup:

    BTW congratulation to clever developers, I totally love to fly with your Sim!

    My specs: i7 3,5GHZ, GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB RAM, Oculus rift, Win 10.