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    A scenery area usually has several/many tsc files that reference the streetlight cultivation files. Within those tsc files is a SIZE parameter that defines the distance (in meters) when the cultivation files and other objects are loaded (dist = aircraft location - tsc file location/coordinates).

    The first hurdle is finding the problem tsc files - not all tsc files have a cultivation file reference at the bottom.

    Once you find a tsc file with cultivation reference that you want to edit, look for the SIZE parameter and double the current value, save the file, then restart FS2 and see if the streetlights have improved (no popping on). You can continue to increase the SIZE value but it will likely impact load times / stutters.

    When I created lighted radio towers for the South Florida scenery, I wanted them visible from great distances so I had to use a very large SIZE value. Often the SIZE parameter is defaulted to 5000 meters.

    The G2 sweet spot seems the same as my Odyssey-Original. I did get the 150% resolution issue this time with the G2 so I bumped down to 50% to match the G2 native resolution. The higher resolution is a nice step up from the Odyssey.

    What's the trick to get the mouse to work in VR?

    First impression is no more screen door - that C172 dash looks real. The extra resolution helps with the "real" look too. I was running with render scale set to 1.4 for the G2 and my Samsung. I checked the SteamVR application-specific resolution and it showed 100%.

    I agree with your night time grey comment - it's like the cockpit is filled with a grey fog. It's tolerable just after sunset, but don't go any later than that or the cockpit will fill with fog.

    UPDATE - I checked the Samsung (Original) again at night, the cockpit area just gets black - you can't see anything except maybe some god-rays but it's not as distracting as the grey fog in the cockpit. The screen door was a compromise I had to live with using the Samsung but the colors/brightness was worth it. Now the G2 also has great colors but no more screen door.

    If you do a search on clouds I believe there is an explanation that the current clouds were provided by a third party and that more realistic clouds would have to be part of a future weather engine addition.

    add common Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator/scenery/places/USA/fl there are 5 files /cultivation 2.Miami-port ,3 Miami city, 4 key bridge_02,;and 5. key-bridge_01


    Are these the same 5 folders?

    Also, does your FS2 link in Steam have the [beta] suffix?

    If not, right-click on the link and click on the BETA tab and choose the beta dropdown option (no code needed, leave blank), then exit. Steam should start updating your version to the beta version.

    I don't think so.

    Do you have any other Florida addons installed under your Documents > Aerofly FS 2 > scenery > places folder?

    My guess is that you don't have the same addons installed on your laptop & PC. If you have old addons on your PC, you should delete those folders.

    Based on this reasoning of yours, could I erase FS 2 from my hard drive and download it again from Steam on another brand new CPU? . This is because I have to buy a more powerful PC than the current one. Is that possible ?

    Steam allows you to install FS2 on 2 different PCs under the same account but you can only play one or the other - not both at the same time.

    I think you can right-click on the Aerofly link in Steam and select uninstall and it will remove it from your PC's hard drive but it will still be in your Steam account available for download again.