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    +1 for the ButtKicker, the rumble of the Cessna engine felt very familiar along with the takeoff roll and liftoff - the thud on landing is nice too. We just need those 2nd gen VR controllers that fit like gloves so we can interact with the cockpit switches/dials (tactile feedback) - maybe by summer ...

    Thanks for the quick reply Jeff.

    I am running a GTX 1080. I'm not sure if the Windows Mixed Reality headsets currently take advantage of Valve's async reprojection option. I currently have that option UNCHECKED - I'll give it a try tonight. Hopefully it works with the Odyssey and if so, I can add in some clouds and more buildings and still get a smooth flyby of the Empire State Building.

    The FS2 Wiki page on Graphics settings recommends RSF = 2.0 for Oculus/Vive users with a GTX 1080. I have a Samsung Odyssey which has 70% more pixels so I'm guessing RSF = 2.0 is overkill. Last night I experimented with lower settings and settled on RSF = 1.5 with Textures/Terrain = Ultra, Shadows = Med, and Buildings/Trees = Low along with no clouds/max visibility. This allowed me to maintain 90 FPS flying around New York City at low altitude.

    I'd like to add clouds and more buildings - with the higher Odyssey resolution, should I reduce the RSF back to 1.0 to free up the GPU and use the less demanding Nvidia AA instead to make the cockpit readable? There are more Nvidia AA options to play around with so I'm curious which one is the right one to use if I reduce RSF - I want to keep the cockpit text as clear as possible.

    My CPU is an i5-8400 which runs around 60% utilization so I don't think the CPU is an issue.