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    Hopefully Dino (a.k.a. Indiafoxtecho) will see this and chime in ^^

    Dino does a phenomenal job on payware and freeware aircraft for FSX and P3D. He has even graciously ported over his SIAI-Marchetti S-211 to Aerofly FS 2.

    I would one day like to see his other aircraft ported over to Aerofly. I would gladly pay for his products, including the freeware ones.

    Dino, if you’re on here, what do you think??

    Hi All,

    I am having evavator trim issues. I have a CH Products Flight Simulator Yoke. However, when I try and trim up/down, there is no effect. Aileron trim and rudder trim both work. I have tried assigning elevator trim to my keyboard even, but that does not work when the yoke is plugged in. Elavator Trim only works when I unplug the the yoke. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

    Hi Everyone!

    First and foremost thanks to the IPACS team for the continuous work you do. I know drhotwing1 (IPACS) has been working on some land/sea traffic, and I am really looking to what that is bringing to the sim.

    I just wanted to ask if anyone remembers FSRecorder back from the Microsoft Flight Sim days (I've linked a video below if you haven't heard of it)? I would always use this for formation flying. I wonder if someone could implement this software into Aerofly? The program works independently from any type of AI traffic ,so it wouldn't rely on traffic in Aerofly, just the user's recording. My understanding and skills of software/programming/etc is far from anything beneficial, so I am likely missing a major part of what it takes to implement. I just wanted to throw that out there as that was a neat program back in the day that seemed relatively simple, and functioned as a 3rd party add-on.

    Again, thanks to the IPACS team, and thanks to all the awesome developers that contribute their time to this sim!

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    Happy Flying! :)

    Hello All,

    Looking into purchasing my first DLC. Innsbruck looks stunning, and I've had my eye on it for a long time. My only concern is the frame rates. I fly using my Oculus, and have zero problems except for when I fly in Colorado. Anywhere in Colorado the sim starts to studder. Would Innsbruck likely cause low FPS since my compter can't seem to even handle Colorado?