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    Thank you so much IZ0JUB! 🤗

    Can anybody help me with the following installation questions?

    1. Do I download and install all the files contained in the link in IZ0JUB’s first post in this

    thread, including those by other talented authors?

    2. I have the DVD version on “C” drive...what is the installation path?

    3. What will the correct installation structure tree look like when completed?

    I desperately want this scenery to work, and there are so many posts in the forum about the best way to install the elements of photoscenery, cultivation, etc. into folders such as

    Images, places, and elevation. I’m confused...😔

    Oh yes, thank you IPACS! Finally some news that Oregon and Washington are progressing along. I too am willing to pay if it means release will be accelerated. I am certain It will be great, but it’s the wait....

    All I want is Oregon and Washington state, with cultivation and photoscenery from IPACS, not ORBX. I am happy to pay for it too!

    IPACS has created a beautiful and superbly performing product. I never returned to FSX, and like so many others, I’ve been flying the virtual skies since the Commodore 64.

    I remain faithful, supportive, and optimistic.

    I believe the static planes are in the TSC files.

    Please don’t delete any of the files or objects within them.

    Please wait for a more knowledgeable forum member to respond.

    Someone will do so.

    Thanks to all the responses. I do understand the difference between

    the autopilot and copilot.

    The copilot tutorial states...

    The copilot then extends flaps and the landing gear, slows down to pattern speed and finally approach speed as it makes the last turn to line up with the centerline of the runway. It then performs some final landing checks such as arming the ground spoilers and tuning on the landing lights. It aims for roughly 50ft above the threshold and then flares the aircraft depending on the height above ground. After touchdown it either reduces the pitch angle (for tricycle gear) or keeps pulling back to lower the tailgear and the copilot adds brakes to slow down the aircraft whilst maintaining the centerline until the aircraft reaches a complete stop. Finally it disarms the spoilers, resets the pitch trim for takeoff and keeps holding the brakes until you advance the throttle to continue taxi. You may also disengage the copilot before it comes to a complete stop.

    I don’t see anything about reverse thrust.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to respond earlier.


    You need to assigh a keyboard entry or a control device button to the reverser and select reverse manually. I use the nice and big Space Bar.

    Thanks Overloaded. I have thrust reverse assigned to the “trigger” on my joystick.

    When I’m manually landing, I pull the trigger and thrust reverse works.

    Are you suggesting that when the copilot touches the plane down that I pull the trigger to engage reversers?



    I have just recently started using copilot mode with the 737. It works beautifully from takeoff, route following, and finally landing. Upon landing, I have never seen the thrust reversers operating, only the spoilers.

    Why doesn’t the copilot use thrust reverse upon landing? Do I need to do something?

    Thanks for your help:)!

    Thank you so much sydel! Ditto to the comment quoted above.

    Savannah and brunnobellic...

    Your reprints are stunning! I’d love to see more 737’s and Learjet regional airliners.

    Afterall, it’s no sin to ask, and no crime to be denied...just a wish.