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    Hello, everybody.

    this has been a test, and it works with the tools I've listed. I can't follow an overkill.

    Selected with FS Grid Level 16, displayed in Google, and generated the six individual tiles with FSET at -2 resolution.

    The result are 6 BMP files with 22 MB each.

    I have revised these BMP files to make the presentation of the runway and taxiways clearer. The whole thing was created with Level 15 High Detail in Geoconvert.

    Then I removed the files rap546m26m_decal.ttx and other decal files in my FScloud Scenery.

    The result is what you see here.

    And there's no problem whatsover with the approach. Even with the files of the main scenery Germany in level 9-12 not.

    9-12 is enough for VFR flight, for the airports I use level 15.

    For crossed Runways i make the same things, see Picture from EDXW....

    No bleeding effect or what ever....

    Important: this only works with airports with a relatively smooth surface. EDDK even works because the runways lie at a different height than the taxiways.

    The Aircraft crash when you drive outside from Runway.

    This is not a must with Grid 16, it also works with 15, because Google or who else does not give a better resolution.

    It reaches level 15 and resolution max. -1 in FSET.

    However, the BMP files will then have more MB




    I have made the grid 16 with AFS2GridGeneratorv1.

    then i have made the BMP files.

    Then i have new colored the bmp files, and outtake the mistakes.

    After this i have made the tiles at Level 15 high area, and made at -2 resolution.

    Generated with geoconvert....

    At the aitport Scenery folder have i cut out the decals and ramp... files.

    The result show this.

    This Airports are flyable only when ground are relatively flat.

    For airports with ground at more up and downs, we must have a Tool that makes the Ground cpmplete Flat.

    Regards ULI

    Hi all.

    here are a sample for the goedatas at EDDK Airport.

    In the Sim this Data wrong... but i search a few weeks for the Mesh Data.

    At this site there we can see the exact Runways and Taxiways in the terrain.

    Black line rwy, yellow line taxi.

    But i dont no what we can make with JSON Data???

    Is there a tool for json Data to make it with geoconvert?

    Regards ULI




    i take a look next time.

    But i qork with sketch....i must look what this Program takes.

    i look forward, but with modelconverter is the nocollision also available.




    Okay i have read the thread.

    But i dont understand where i set "nocollison".

    Only in 3dMax , or AC3d, or Modelconverter, or in Tsc File????:rolleyes:

    Alternate, i have made with modelconverter the Taxiway Object to Ground Polygon without crash Mode.

    Thats runs also at Aerofly... i can drive at Taxiway without crashes.;)



    Hi ...

    i work and tested with Taxiway Objects.

    Its a little bit ticky, i must work on no crashes and flat Polygon for that obejects

    Built have i some Taxiway Moduls.


    And at Scenery goes with a lot of Modul, position over coordinates and Level over ground.

    Perhaps...when other user has an idea for the no crashes ...i am realy happy.



    Hi Antoine....

    many thx for your help...

    Thats function... take a look.

    Thats the way for more windmill ;), and that place i corrected the standing point for the first windmills

    Wishes ULI


    i have at model conv. the function Spec. tools / burn... set, but in scenery every time no colours.

    Is there small otherway for set to colours...?

    Rodeo...kannste mir das vielleicht auf kurzem Email Weg erklären... schick Dir auch gerne den File.




    Hello all.

    i dont why sketchup not expand the normal colors from my windmill...

    The Windmill are without colours after aero converter is ready ...

    What make i with fail the convert process.

    The windmill was make with sketchup, there all from modell with colour..... only white and red and green....then exported to tgi file.

    Or more steps with other Programs??




    the fact is... there are at any tools and Information Copyrights.;)

    We dont upload any files there are we have made....:(

    i hope that is in future a other thing... i dont no


    Hi All....

    The Trick for that moment at crossed Runways.

    After Phil implemented the cross Runways we make the correct rwy !

    You see at Picture the ground made with FSEt Level 15. I have rebuilt the Picture at Airport.

    First is by day..., the second Picture is the night with crossed runways.And you see the lights for crossed Rwy

    But !

    I delete the decals and delete Runway Color for runways in that folder.

    The decals and runway color not important....when you have made with Fset the level 15 Ground.;)

    But at fscloud we make the airports with crossed runways, when you will open the folder and go to files named decal and rwy.tmb

    renamed it after point.

    Example: original- #rap1692m47m_rwy.tmb / renamed - #rap1692m47m_rwy.t also make this at decal files.


    For Aero Robert... and all Beginners.

    Here are a example for that what made user himself. Take a look at Wiki s


    H Phil...


    I meant data that I want to add to my existing Zip folder from outside to fscloud.

    e.g. TOC files, are the landscape (Autogen) or

    my own buildings and so on...

    These files should also have others downloading the scenery..... or?!

    how I install my buildings in my scenery locally I now know...;)