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    Hi Phil.

    Can't we refine this in the cloud with regard to collaborative work?

    How do I get additional TOC files or own objects into the corresponding scenery?

    Or insert an improved TSC file?

    How can one improve or adopt scenes from others that are not cowardly and unkindly designed?

    In this way, various "scrap" could be avoided.;)

    I have made TSC Files for many Airports with more one Runway, and this TSC Files are better for future when you come with update for FS Cloud with

    Taxiways and more Runways, Grass and so on...

    I work to future, then i have not once again work for the exist Airports... after your update.:)

    Regards ULI


    Thx !

    But i search the code in scenproc for more plants...

    Have you found it ?

    When we generated at Asia with Scenproc there was nothing plants generated with scenproc. There are no tips in the pdf from scenproc to do plants specialy like yours Tabel and more plants as 100 per field.

    "Species" give us the tree or what evver, what are generated.




    from FSX there was the mistake with vetical lines from Ground Textures there are no flat generated or he collision with other made mesh Textures, or specialy a building that was to great.



    Hi Phil.

    tested ans very good... a little bit for Future at tool...;)


    The easiest solution would be... I think... with taxiways.

    Insert a button in the task, example building button for Taxiways, there a mask with different finished flat courses, in each case 1x 30 degrees, 1x 60 degrees, 1x 90 degrees, 1x acute angle for 90 degrees around a surface or a straight course to add. As well as various straight pieces and surfaces.

    The whole perhaps still in two texture options, tar and concrete surface.

    The width would be variable as with the runways.

    That would be a modular principle.:)

    Or free polygon selection with Lines Button for yellow follow line.:/

    Please no grid like in AC3D...this is much too complex and does not go well in curves. Too much work.:(

    Unfortunately, not all buildings can be added exactly in parallel

    Some no problem and some with 1-2 degrees difference.


    And many Thx for that tool


    Hi all.

    Any Idea....? Please take a look at Log File.

    Thx for Tip.

    0.00: (tmsystimer,1) (tmsyssound,20)

    0.00: init modules=(tmsystimer=ok) (tmsyssound=(default=Generic Software) (0:Generic Software) (version=1.1) (1.1)) done


    0.11: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    0.11: // Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter version 1.4.3

    0.11: //

    0.11: // Copyright (C) 1998-2017 IPACS all rights reserved

    0.11: //

    0.12: //

    0.12: // you are not allowed to distribute this software except with the permission

    0.12: // of ipacs

    0.12: //

    0.12: // the software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or

    0.12: // implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability,

    0.12: // fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement of third party rights.

    0.12: // in no event shall the copyright holder or holders included in this notice be

    0.13: // liable for any claim, or any special indirect or consequential damages, or

    0.13: // any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether

    0.13: // in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out

    0.14: // of or in connection with the use or performance of this software.

    0.14: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


    0.14: using output folder 'C:/Users/ulilo/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/'


    0.14: ====================================================================================

    0.15: converting folder = './'

    0.15: WARNING: property 'lights' is not a member of type 'tmsimulator_scenery_place' hash=5362608657203157724.

    0.15: WARNING: property 'width1' is not a member of type 'tmsimulator_runway' hash=3833517236431311294.

    0.16: converting geometry file './edka_decal.tgi'

    0.16: (type = 'decal')

    0.34: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color' is not used by any geometry)

    0.34: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color05' is not used by any geometry)

    0.35: saving 'c:/users/ulilo/documents//aerofly fs 2/scenery/places/germany/tx/edka/edka_decal.tmb': geom=14 materials=2

    0.37: converting geometry file './edka_obj.tgi'

    0.37: (type = 'object')

    0.39: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color' is not used by any geometry)

    0.39: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color05' is not used by any geometry)

    0.44: saving 'c:/users/ulilo/documents//aerofly fs 2/scenery/places/germany/tx/edka/edka_obj.tmb': geom=44 materials=4

    0.49: converting geometry file './edka_rwy.tgi'

    0.49: (type = 'ground')

    0.51: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color' is not used by any geometry)

    0.52: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color05' is not used by any geometry)

    0.53: adding uniform 'base_color' = 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00

    0.69: saving 'c:/users/ulilo/documents//aerofly fs 2/scenery/places/germany/tx/edka/edka_rwy.tmb': geom=2 materials=2


    0.80: converting 1 image files in parallel

    0.80: ERROR: (image './tree_transparent.png' dimensions is not power of two -> 88 x 128

    0.80: ERROR: (cannot convert image file './tree_transparent.png')

    0.81: writing scenery tsc file 'C:/Users/ulilo/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/scenery/places/germany/tx/EDKA/EDKA_DE.tsc'



    0.82: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


    0.82: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    0.83: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color' is not used by any geometry)

    0.83: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color05' is not used by any geometry)

    0.84: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color' is not used by any geometry)

    0.84: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color05' is not used by any geometry)

    0.84: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color' is not used by any geometry)

    0.85: ERROR: (texture 'asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightnes_color05' is not used by any geometry)



    0.85: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    0.86: // SUMMARY

    0.86: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    0.86: input folder 0 = './'

    0.87: output folder 0 = 'C:/Users/ulilo/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/scenery/places/germany/tx/EDKA/'

    0.87: file types = 'tsc' 'tgi' 'jpg' 'bmp' 'tif' 'png'

    0.89: 0 files copied

    0.90: 0 textures copied

    0.90: 0 sounds converted

    0.90: 3 geometries converted

    0.91: 8 errors

    The Pictures are at 2048x2048 / 96 Pixel per inch / 21.33 zoll

    24 Color




    please give me a Tip..where i can fast start the engine.

    when i start , he quit the engine start after 10 seconds with shut off.

    The Switch for tanks is on...

    at Air the engine runs... but on ground...:(



    Hi all....

    i have also many Problems with the functionality at this model.

    it is absolut very ticky the engines start up...and more



    Ok Google...

    Thats allso... Picture must over working .... Google Text on Ground.;(


    You do not have to do this, nevertheless, at all... For flight over ground about reason level reaches 9-11.

    One makes only the points of interest, nevertheless, only with 13-14.

    This is a month job with-1 for completely Germany.=O




    Germany Level -1 ?

    For what ?

    That exploded your Disk space....;)

    For VFR is enough from 9 to 11 Level with Resolution 4

    Airport Ground is enough for Level 13 and Resolution 0.

    The Server where the tiles in FSET comes not so good for higher Resolution at Airports.

    Many Airports at Resolution 0 are pixeled, and you must go to Google Earth and repainted the High Resolution from FSET with the correct

    Picture from Google earth.

    And it was very ticky for repaint the tiles...?( when the airport has more tiles in Resolution 0.

    Example: EDDF or Eindhoven....

    Regards Uli


    i have made Tiles for cpl. Germany with Benelux States and Boundaries to CH and Innsbruck.

    The cpl. Files are 3.3 GB in 9er and 11 Tiles, with my important Airports at Level 0/ Tile13.

    I am Ready.

    PMB... why so one big FSET Tile for Germany ?

    I have made in FSET with 4 Resolution, and 9 and 11 Tiles converted.

    At the Northsea you must convert with Mask Tiles.... (Alpha Channel)