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    okay in

    Wenn ich ein Gebiet von der Größe 50NM mal 50NM mit dem Geotool generieren lasse, dann nehme ich zwischendurch

    aus dem Verzeichniss die generierten Dateien heraus und speichere diese direkt im Scenery Ordner ab.

    Hier die ttc Files.

    Nach einer Weile mach ich das wieder.

    Nur das dann Windows sagt, das diese ttc Files schon existieren würden im Scenery Ordner !

    Ich mach das ...wegen der Größe der Dateien...nur um beim hin und her kopieren später, schneller zu sein.

    Alles auf einmal kopieren ist ja schon ne Menge bei 50NM mal 50NM.

    In soweit auch wirklich wahr, kann ja die vorhandene ttc Datei belassen und die neue wird mit neuem Namen rein kopiert.

    Somit existieren dann zwei identische ttc Files im Scenery Ordner, nur das Sie unterschidelich bennant wurden.

    Beispiel: Map13_58228_aa3.ttc und der zweite dann Map13_58228_aa3(2).ttc

    Kommt jetzt Windows nicht mit den ttc Files klar, weil Win meint es wären Schriftdateien?

    Oder ist das ne fälschliche Meldung von Win ?

    Denn, egal ob ich alles generieren lasse, von 9-13 oder nur die 13ener Level, die anzahl zB. für Level 13 bleibt gleich. 1260 Dateien.

    Des weiteren, wieso macht GEO Tool eigentlich die BMP Files doppelt ?

    Da schreibt das Tool die BMP Files vom FSET Tool gleich nochmal in sein eigenes Verzeichniss obwohl die bei FSEt doch schon vorhanden.

    Was für eine Platzverschwendung !

    Und die BMP Files sind absolut identisch..... und genau die brauchen unheimlich viel Platz auf der Platte.

    Und dann belegt Geo auch noch den kpl. Ram hier 16 GB vom System.

    Kann man das irgendwie begrenzen?!?!




    maybe a little bit unclearly.

    Once again, I make an area in the size of 50 nm sometimes to 50 nm.

    If we call it because of me area "A".

    This area is generated for the single Layer 9-13 in the agreed folder.

    So that, however, this folder runs not too much completely, I take occasionally provided ttc files in the Scenery folder.

    After a while I take the anew provided files in the Scenery folder again. And now the announcement comes itself in the Scenery folder same ttc files consider already.

    This assertion of the system is also true there I this has checked.

    The countertest is: I left only the files for Layer 13 without making the folder occasionally empty, and funny manner the number same is like before with the copy announcement.

    Is this Win 10 bugs, especially Win 10 means it would be written files?

    Or is the message from Win 10 when i copied ....a wrong message that was not right there?




    this have i done so.

    But when i copied the next generated files to the other folder...comes the message that there the same named files exist.

    And i have controlled this.

    i copied and let renamed the copied file with win. Then i see map13_8520_aa58.ttc and map13_8520_aa58 (2).ttc at the new folder,

    and the files has same size.

    Only diffrent day and and clock attributes.



    Hi all.

    next confused.... or not.

    when i compiled a big Map. 50NM to 50 nm.

    Geoconvert tool works fine, but i see when i copy the new generated ttc files to the scenery folder there are the message that there was the same file.

    example. " map13_8520_aa58.ttc"

    the first was generated at 03.35 a Clock the new one was generated at 14.50 a clock.

    Make geoconvert the files new when i cut and copy the maked files to another folder?

    geoconvert works for this big area 3 days.....:S

    Or what is this?:/




    The folder Scenery at Drive "D" have i reconfig before i began with geoconvert. This have i do only with Main.mcf

    The Folder Documents at Win 10 is a Option, but i take a look for this later.

    What Steam controlled is for me not important.

    If I must install anew I still a protection of my own things...;)

    i Learn more for future...also AC3D.... but later. First Ground....then Airprts.

    Step for step.:thumbup::)


    Hi Rodeo,

    i had reconfig the for a while...

    I found the problems.

    it is exactly to be kept importantly the co-ordinates.

    if one has overlappings or one has a small gap between the areas, Sim is able to do this no more correct scuffle.

    furthermore runs the whole box better if one "create Mask" activated.

    Why this is, so does not disclose to me yet really.

    The disadvantage, one blows up the Scenery folder quite a lot.

    one must pay attention with insert a new generated ttc files, the announcement comes a little bit should be headlined,

    the co-ordinates are wrong and one start must a new!

    but which I must copy the files into both scenery folder, remains

    if I do not make this, the new textures are not shown

    but at ths moment it works.... and now i can see new ground after many miles.

    wishes and thx for your help


    Hi oldar,

    Yes it is true... some Tutorials are a little older, and something also contradicts.

    One must search his teacher certainly for himself already out.

    Then I and probably also others run danger not to look any more by.

    I also know to write this a Tutorial, whether now to video or text always a lot of time in claim beraeve. This time everybody does not have, and not everybody also does not have to correct the time again and again the same mistakes of us.

    We have in our company "To Do lists" in there we look skill. Effect, cause and mistake repair. Such a list is, I think faster written and provided.

    Maybe such a thing helps?



    I have rebuilt the Text in Youtube Video !

    In the text i write that i search my Problem....not a Problem from Aeroflight!;)

    And i have not listed the Link at my Question here...the Chat System has this made automaticly.


    I have this correted.;)

    At FSET have only set the parameter set to 9 to 14 and create mask.

    A question about true have i not see.

    Or mean you for true at TMC File?

    next Convert set i to False, OK?

    Sorry, i have rewrite a other User TMC File for my Area, and that only for Lat/Lon...

    Ok, the documents Folder is at my SSD Drive !

    but the Scenery folder for "documents" exist at Drive "D"!

    There i have put in the new Ground Textures....

    But when i have it only put it at Drive "D".... and nothing in Steam/ x /X Folder comes no new texture!

    i must put it in twice, in Scenery Folder from Drive "D" and in Steam / AeroflightFS / Scenery Folder

    Then run the new Ground texture and is visible.

    At this moment i hope that i find the Problem.

    I found my textures ...why ever... in the world Folder.

    I have deleted, and now i see at wide distance the new "Quadrant" Textures.

    I make all new and clear all old files.

    Let me see...i working ...!!!

    I come back and write my experience ..

    Sorry, but i must completly in order orient at my brain...;(



    thx thx thx:thumbup:


    i am very confused.

    I have made with Tool the Ground scenerys.

    But i have many tested...and then i am confused.

    At first i have made a complete Ground texture for big aera... the mistake is the same after i have

    made new tiles.

    But in second stage my borders for testing not so big. A little aera.

    And i wonder, after i have delete the old big Textures, and put in the little new one.....

    The old is once again at Aeroflight!

    The folders where i have the ttc Files installed was Documents/Scenery and Steam / Steammaps/common/aeroflightFS/Scemery,

    from there have i delete all old ttc Files.

    And there i have put in the new files.

    But i have imendiatly the old and new textures at flight see....

    And the wide view is not acceptable.... Take a look at Vid at youtube.

    I dont why it is.

    Old was big Ground, New was only the Airport EDDK.






    how long lifes MS FSX or much more older Version...was that FS4 ?;)

    This FSX / FS 2004 / FS2009 life ended brain... never ever.

    Let us hope that Lifetime goes also for Aeroflight FS2.

    And now ...what comes in 2 Years with this Sim?

    We show now at future:)



    Hello, everybody.

    I enjoy this simulator, and have respect for the developers.

    I know Sim municipality, come from the Microsoft Flusi scene.

    And also there were many itself the weighted, also about one one

    from free pieces made available his projects as a Freeware for everybody. But then also there it was grumbled still... sometimes....

    I am of those they grumble things also separate itself to speed up to learn to make available this then to others freely. As well as I have always made it.

    If we carry everybody in addition with becomes even better, also the team of Aeroflight will observe this forum with, and also improve your future work here in the course of that and you will take up our ideas and wishes guaranteed.



    Sorry for the bad Englisch....;);(


    For Rodeo.... the Profi !

    I must understand the Map and Level Format in Aeroflight FS2 !

    my brain...

    Is this correct for my brain where the Levels in Aeroflight as my picture say?!!?!?

    For what is Level 15 ?

    This Level was not generated.... he works in Convert tool, but no "15er" ttc files was generated.

    And... i experiment with the folder from World Scenery Image Files.

    When i delete map Files 1 to 4 or 5 i see in the World map nothing or individual not complete World Map.

    When i delete Map 7 to 12 i see the world map, but the ground area are very rough / not fine texture....

    And last question.

    for what are the .raw Images ?

    Put in who?

    Please ...teaches me of a better one;)



    once again...

    i have made the EDDK Ground with "create Mask".... but there is nothing better.

    The next effect is yet, i dont see the rest from the area what i have made.....

    Go...go...West ???



    Aeroflight FS2 works at Steam VR only in Window Mode !

    Got to settings in Aeroflight and set Screen to "Window Mode".

    Start the VR Steam, take a look that all controller and headset activated.

    Then start Aeroflight FS 2.


    Hi Rodeo and all,

    Das mit den create Mask hatte ich zu Anfang versucht, aber mir hat sich der Sinn noch nicht erschlossen.

    Nach Möglichkeit möchte ich den Ordner nicht unnötig aufblähen.

    Manche schreiben man soll nur die 14 Level generieren und andere schreiben man soll die 10 auslassen.

    Ich bin zwar aus der FSX Gemeinde, aber hier ist jetzt wieder alles etwas anderst.

    Die Airport Erstellung ist viel komplizierter als im FSX !

    With create Mask I had tried at first, but the sense has not disclosed to me yet.
    As far as possible I would not like to blow up the folder needlessly.
    Some write one should generate only 14 levels and others write one should let out 10.
    Though I am from the municipality FSX, but now here everything is again a little bit stronger.
    The airport production is much more complicated than in the FSX!

    Das jetzige Gebiet hat 5,1 GB an tsc Files.

    The First Area has 5,1GB Tsc Files

    Die Scenery Verlinkung von "hiflyer " ist ja auch im Entwicklungsmodus, und so wie ich das sehe erstmal Netherland.

    Bevor ich überhaupt irgendeinen Airport erstelle muss erstmal der Ground als solches stimmig sein.

    Nicht zuviele Daten, Sichtweite muss stimmen etc.

    The Scenery link from "hiflyer" is also in the developing mode, and as well as I this see first Netherland.
    Before I generally any airport provide must be consistent first of the Ground as such.
    Not much more data, sight must be right... etc.

    Probiere das mit den create Mask für EDDk aus, da dort noch ein Fehler drin ist.

    Werde berichten

    Gruss ULI


    "Hiflyer" das Projekt ist für XPlane. This Project is for Xplane.

    Die Scenery liegt aus Platzgründen nicht mehr auf Laufwerk "C" unter Documents.... jetzt auf "D" unter Scenery/Images.

    The Scenery is not at this time at Drive "C" under Documents, at this time under "D" Scenery/ Images.

    The Scenery comes ...when i fly over the new Area.

    when i copy the folder to Documents/ Aeroflight FS2...comes nothing. ;)

    Hi Rodeo...

    Ich habe das mit den Leveln schon versucht, habe aber feststellen müssen... das, wenn ich alle Layer mit Häckchen versehe (9-14), das, nur ab 12 und höher

    generiert wird. Im Verzeichniss ist dann nur zB. 3 x 12, 15 x 13 und 15 x 14er tsc File zu finden.

    9, 10, 11 und 12 wird meist gar nichts generiert.... manchmal 2 - 3 tsc files in 11 und 12, das wars aber auch.

    thx uli