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    Hi together.

    I am work on NRW Ground textures.

    The Ground files for area from Aachen to Cologne and Düsseldorf are made.

    Also made the Airport visible at Menue.

    But my question... Where can we delete the Original Groeund Textures Files from Aeroflight?

    an we made this ?

    Or are this original Files important?

    The Layer from new Ground textures are not so wide visible.... i mean the original Textures show before the new textures ar generated when we fly.

    My Englisch not so good...when we have a german language expert.... i so delighted

    thx a lot


    Hi Fans...

    i did not found the mistake in my File.

    i make a folder ".. places/ Germany" at my own HDD Drive, there are also the "Scenery/ Images" files, i

    put in the tsc File and the file "runway.tmb".

    And then i started Aeroflight...and i see nothing at EDDK Places.

    i have the structur from places/ Germany copy in Documents... or in Steam Aeroflight Scenery/places wehre it is USA.

    But nothing functinaly in any folder..

    Where are my mistake?



    Hello Folks.

    I am New here and i come from FSX Users. I have for a long time ago built many scenerys at FS2004 and FSX.

    Can we now the view borders from new Scenery extended?

    i mean, if we I see flying that the standard scenery borders what is annoying...

    i built at this moment the ground scenery for NRW in Germany, he goes in first step from EDDK to EDDL and from EDDK to Aachen Merzbrueck....

    and give it there a wiki for the night textures at new scenery to make?

    Thx a lot