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    Hello TomSimMuc,
    I have already tried it with a direct toc integration, but the xref objects float in the air or sink into ground and I cannot manipulate their height.

    When I insert the xref objects into a tsc file the manipulation of the height is possible.

    I created a ground area like this:

    1. <[tmsimulator_scenery_object][element][0]
    2. <[string8][type][ground]>
    3. <[string8][geometry][TFFF_rwy]>
    4. <[vector3_float64][position][9.507184 47.666241 0]>
    5. <[float64][orientation][23]>
    6. <[int32][autoheight_override][-1]>
    7. >

    But I cannot make the xref objects adjust to the area. I'd be thankful for any help.

    On the XREF Model Library page there are the following instructions:
    * From your favorite 3D modeling program create a dummy object
    * Copy the name of one of the xref models and name the dummy object the same
    * Rotate your dummy object to rotate the model in your scenery by using the xy alignments shown in the reference image
    * add the renamed dummy object to your _obj Group

    Is the dummy object meant to be a tmb file? Since I don't have a 3D modeling program I'd like to ask if the following steps would work:
    - load a dummy object as a Collada file (dummy.dae) in ModelConverterX
    - export it as tgi and tsc file
    - rename the created tmb file to the name of the desired xref object

    If that would be a possible way then I would need a dummy.dae file for testing. Can someone please create such a file for me? Thanks in advance!

    Hallo, ich habe eine grundlegende Frage zu diesem Thema. Ich hoffe, es ist okay, dass ich sie in diesen Thread schreibe.

    Wie kann die Höhe eines schwebenden "xref Objekts" oder "Buildings" einer .toc Datei, die sich über einer [type][ground] [geometry][..._rwy)Fläche befindet verändert werden? Ich habe es mit Veränderung des 0 Wertes hinter den Koordinaten der Objekte versucht aber ohne Erfolg. Der Wert "autoheight" ist auf true. Für Tipps wäre ich sehr dankbar.