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    I guess it's about time I asked again. When is this likely to happen? I am done flying around California & would love to buy Switzerland, New York etc etc. Last update for the Mac version was back at the start of the year & gave us a helicopter. Every time I raise this question I am told it is a problem with Apple & the App Store. I have been as patient as I am going to get, checking in daily since the helicopter update, but I am now over it unless I can get a positive response on this issue.:cursing:

    Thanks Jan but is there any light at the end of this very long tunnel? I am starting to lose hope, even thought about buying a pc & running Windows, then common sense prevailed.

    Pixel density 100% = 37-40 FPS

    Pixel density 75% = 47-60 FPS

    To be honest, The sim runs perfectly & very smoothly at either setting. No stutters & minimal tearing when panning. The lower pixel density seems to give a slightly smoother flight with marginally more jaggies on curved surfaces of the aircraft.

    Feedback as requested:

    iMac 5k late 2014, 4GHz I7, 8gb, R9 M295X 4mb

    Full screen, pixel density 100%, Lens flare 0n, Graphics quality ultra, visibility high, medium cirrus & cumulus, flying from LAX

    Results in buttery smooth flight & graphics appear to be sharper. Little or no tearing on fast pan in external view

    Is it possible to display the frame rate on a mac? & roll on some of the promised DLC