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    First of all, I would like to thank Jeff, Jan and Andrew for the advice and tips.

    I have used many attempts until each monitor is individually adjustable.

    Yes, that could be a solution to my problem.

    But there are also disadvantages and bugs in this screen display.

    My first conclusion:

    1. For the best screen each aircraft needs its own main.mcf.

    2. The mouse cursor is not visible.

    3. Some EFIS screens go dark when panning the panel up / down.

    For the settings there is the field_of_view_factor in main.mcf .

    That's the best way to change the distance to the panel. This factor does not exist in the normal main.cfg. Why not?

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    I run airfly FS2 with 3 monitors and with it I am also very happy.

    It is almost like 3D... nearly VR-feeling for poor pilots like me 8o.

    But there is a disadvantage. The whole information of one monitor is stretched on three monitors. Thus the control panel becomes very large, too large!

    Therefore, I must enlarge the distance. I know this works with the zoom function. But not enough.

    Is there a possibility to change the virtual distance from the panel about the given default of FS2?


    I’m flying the best flightsim of the world as a steam version. :thumbup:

    But at the moment Netherlands is for me a no-fly zone.

    When will Orbx release Netherlands on steam?

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