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    ...BOXCAR. I think and apologise if I'm wrong, that you are new to Aerofly FS2.

    If so, there's a possibility you may not have heard of a release not too long ago called Innsbruck LOWI. (don't trust my spelling of the airport name). If you don't have it, trust me when I say, it's brilliant...

    Yes sir, Innsbruck is on my list of AFS2 downloads, thank you, along with Colorado... and you are correct, Jim: AFS2 is brand spanking new to me, so new in fact that it has not even been installed yet. Am off to do exactly this here now just as soon as I hand-grind some decent coffee beans, brew some joe, roll up my sleeves, and spend an hour installing the 6 DVDs. Am going in...


    ...what's the gripe with Steam?

    It is totally Plug 'n Play which is most of all, what I want from a 21st Century sim.

    The hours and hours I wasted over the years, getting feisty addons to run, tweaking twitching swearing... all history!

    No, no gripe here, WingZ, though it's interesting you'd think that my statement was a gripe.

    Am not so inclined to spend time explaining my decision, except to say that it works for me.

    It works for you and many if not most others? Good, good, am happy for all you Steamers.


    Stunning addon. Will be purchasing this as well as other OrbX offerings for AFS2 provided that they may be downloaded from OrbX directly. That is to say: I don't do Steam.

    Excellent post showing this masterpiece well, drhotwing1, thank you. Will be installing AFS2 soon, having just received the software on DVDs yesterday. Am certain that this is the simulator I've been waiting for for over 35 years.