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    Hi. I have updated to latest version. Tearing, that i have noticed earlier is not as visible as earlier (but still present), but shortly after start, game freezes and even closing application is not possible. Only hard reset helps in this situation. Game is unplayable.

    Thank you for your work. I have send you my e-mail at given adress and I am kindly asking for sending mentioned patch.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have updated to the most recent version and I have the same problem as earlier. When using default Metal renderer the game is perfectly smooth with constant 60 fps, but there is terrible tearing and during every camera movement or plane maneuver, screen is shatered and the sim is unplayable. When I disable Metal by editing main.mcf file, tearing disappears, but stutter every few cesonds appears instead. In both situations, the game is unplayable regardless of the screen resolution and visual settings. I have 2017 iMac with 3 GHz i5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, internal Radeon RX 555 2 GB GPU and external RX 580 8GB GPU.

    Hi. I am using mobile version of FS2019 and have question about using of autopilot (not copilot). In some planes like Cessna, Boeings or Baron, there is cockpit button alowing to turn autopilot on or off. But if I am correct in some other planes there is not such clickable button. In F-15 and F-18 I can simply turn on some of autopilot modes, like heading, altitude or attitude hold, but how can I turn it off to controll the plane manualny. In PC or Mac versions I can assign joystick or keyboard key to that function, but how to do that in mobile version. In Aermacchi I can not even turn autopilot on and have to fly all the route manually or use a copilot, what is totally unrealistic. So what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.

    I have the same problem as desribet above with my iMac 2017 with internal rx 555 and external rx 580 GPU. Terrible tearing while constant 60 fps is in my opinion esespecially strange.

    Thank you for replay. I have attached my tm.log file. After trying any possible graphic settings I have found that the problem that I described is not dependent on details level, screen resolution, pixel density. In every situation I have stable 60 fps. It is the same value as my screen refresh rate and so strong tearing is very strange for me.


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    I know, but if I am not wrong GPU drivers are part of MacOs (they are not installed separately) so all users of current version of OS Mojave with RX 580 should have the same experiences. If despite this this is a problem exclusively related to my computer, what can be a reason?

    Hi. I have updated yesterday FS2 from Mac Appstore to the latest version, but problems with graphics, that I have noticed earlier are still present. Simulation often freezes and there is terrible stuttering (with constant 60 fps!), making the game completely unplayable. So maybe it is not related with my AMD GPU graphic card? So in this case what can be a reason? I have got 2017 Retina 21,5 inch iMac.

    It looks strange in my opinion. In older Open Glide version of the sim overall performance was much worse. I was able to play only with details level set to low and 50% of pixel density. Even then i have had only about 55-57 fps (over populated areas 45-55). There was visible stuttering and permanent fps drops, but tearing was not present. Now fps are constant high, the same as refresh rate of the screen, so tearing should not appear, but it is very heavy. I have not noticed it in other applications using Metal.

    In my case fps shown by counter varies constantly from about 59.50 to 60.15. Those values are independent from my graphic settings (from lowest to highest possible). Can those small variations of fps cause so visible stuttering?

    The same in my case. Stutter present in earlier version completelly disapeared and I have constant 60 fps on my iMac with 100% pixel density and high detail level. But after update heavy and very visible tearing appeared during looking around or maneuvering the plane. It is present both with internal ATI 560 and external ATI 580 GPU. Maybe someone noticed similar problem?


    I have just updated MAC version of the sim. Performance is excellent. Even on high settings I have 60 fps and the game is very smooth, but I have noticed very visible tearing, especially during maneuvering or looking around. It is present regardless of graphics setting and screen resolution, there is no option to turn on or off V-sync now too. How can I prevent this?

    I have got iMac 2017 with 8 GB RAM, 3 GHz Intel Core i5, internal GPU Radeon 555 (2 GB) and external GPU Radeon 580 (8 GB).

    Thank you in advance.

    Thank you for answer.

    I know that there are not very powerfull cards, but strange think is that stuttering appears only when using external GPU and does not depend on my screen resolution or graphic settings. No mather if I am using the lowest or the highest possible graphic settings. Most of time I have very smooth 60 FPS, but every few seconds game freezes regularly for short time. Problem is present on FS 1 too, which dose not use even all of GPU power (basing on GPU monitoring utillity). Strange is that this problem does not appear when I am using internal RX 555 which is weaker than 580.


    I have noticed problem with FS 2, on my iMac when I am using external GPU (Blackmagic with Radeon RX 580) connected by thunderbolt 3. I have constant 60 FPS with Vsync, but every few seconds game freezes for about 1 second (no mather if I am flying over heavilly populated area or not). The same problem appears in FS 1, but other games, 3D applications or GPU benchmarks works correctly. When I am using internal RX 555 this problem does not appear but this card is a bit too weak for flying over some more populated areas. Have maybe anyone noticed similar problem.