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    I am using Steam Aerofly FS 2 version for Mac OS and I would like to buy Aerosoft - Lukla Mount Everest DLC. Earlier it was signed in Steam store as compatible only with Windows version of game, but now I have found that there is Mac OS icon and very basic system requirements on Steam page too (as shown on attached screens). Does it mean that Lukla terrain DLC is now compatible with Mac? I have asked developers of this DLC (Aerosoft) using their question form, but they answered me the following:

    ***"If you take a look on the system requirements in the Steam shop you will find huge differences between the Windows and the Max OS X information. For Mac OS X and also for SteamOS+Linux there are more or less no specific information given. To me looks like "not ok" and I would derive a "not compatible" from this. But we are not the publishers of this add-on on Steam, but the Aerofly FS 2 makers themselfs, IPACS. Maybe they have done some modifications on our add-on to make it compatible with Mac OS X. But this is something I don't know. So best is to get directly in touch with IPACS and ask them. They will know for sure!"***

    So is it possible to install Lukla Mont Everest on Mac OS?

    Thank you in advance for answer.

    Hi. I can not figure out how to turn on MCDU in EC 135 helicopter. It is off both when I start Eurocopter in ready to flight state or start it manually from cold and dark state. Other displays have ON/OFF buttons but I am not able to find any for MCDU.

    It's the Steam release version so I assume that should work on PC, Mac and Linux. Mac or PC Non-Steam users will have to wait a bit longer, these channels are more difficult to update for us which takes more time. As far as I know the standalone Mac version can currently not be updated due to issues with the Store not accepting our files. If you are an existing Non-Steam user you can convert your license to a Steam license using our official support as far as I'm aware.

    I have got Mac version on Steam and there was not any problems with updating earlier. But today Steam simply does not show any available updates.

    Hi. Could someone help with the question described in title. When I set destination airport using FPL menu in GNS 430 it automatically sets approach and I do not know how to change it. When i puch PROC key I can not enter to the menu allowing me to set approach or departure runways (both in stable and beta versions). For example for KCGX it always set runway 18. I watched many tutorials for real GNS 430 or other flight sims and it seems not to work as described there.

    Thank you in adwance.

    Hi. I need some help with new navigation menu. I can create route (like this shown on attached image), but where can i find ILS frequencies of particular runways? In stable version they are clearly visible near runway code, but in Alpha I can not find them - there is only length of each runway.


    I have installed new update and it seems to work fine, but I have one question regarding new navigation menu. Where (without searching in external sources) can I find informations about ILS frequencies of runways and their elevation?


    I would like to ask, if is it still possible to use OpeanGl instead of Metal on Mac OS version of FS 2 to avoid game crashing and screen tearing (present when using Metal or Vulkan)? Earlier I was using workaround, by changing <[bool][graphics_use_vulkan][true]> line in "main.mcf" file to <[bool][graphics_use_vulkan][false]>, to use OpenGl instead, but in current version of game it does not longer work (simulation crashes on startup).


    I am using Mac version of FS 2. As I have previously reported in other topics, I have terrible tearing when using Metal renderer. Earlier I was using workaround, by changing <[bool][graphics_use_vulkan][true]> line in "main.mcf" file to <[bool][graphics_use_vulkan][false]>, to use OpenGl instead. After that operation game was running smooth and without tearing. Unfortunately after last update this solution does not work and game crashes immediately. I would like to ask, if it is any way to use OpenGl instead of Metal in current version of SF 2 for Mac OS?