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    Good morning.

    I would like to ask if is any possibility to turn on TOC and TOD marks on MFD display in King Air plane in SF 2 or I have to estimate those points on my own? Is there any sign showing vertical pach form FMS on PFD? In Learjet there is an white triangle and in Dash Q8-purple rectangle and green point on the right side of the screen. Is any similar helpers in King Air too?

    Thank you for informations. After some tests I have found that automatic approach (with manual only final part) is really possible in B 737 even without ILS (with only first autopilot active) but GS seems to be much more shallow than in ILS approach, so I have to begin on lower altitude. It looks like I was earlier approaching on too high altitude and autopilot was unable to intercept GS.

    Two things we're talking about here: flying an approach to a runway and actually landing on it. For me the approach ends at roughly 50ft above the runway, so the landing itself is pretty much just the flare, touchdown, rollout and vacating.

    The landing has to be made manual for pretty much all aircraft, except when they are certified for an autoland, which the A320 and B747 are.

    So to answer your questions: you can currently approach any runway from any direction in any of the Aerofly aircraft that have the advanced autopilot (e.g. not the C172 or Baron at the moment) using the FMS approach. In the Learjet in particular the navigation source has to be set to the FMS, then just press the approach button and it should intercept the computed descent path just like it would intercept a glideslope. For this to work you only need set up a simple route with the desired destination runway.

    That's what I thought and this procedure works perfectly in Learjet or Bombardier, but in case of B 737 it does not seem to work. After pushing APP buton and turning the second autopilot, plane still continues level flight. The white mark on the side of artificial horizon, which should show glide slope does not move at all.

    Yes, you understood that correctly.

    The autopilot only descends when it captures the glide slope. In the 737 you need to manually tune the ils frequency and course, which happens automatically in the A320 and also the B747. When the ILS receiver is receiving a signal you should see the glide slope indicator going from a red "G/S" flag on the attitude indicator to a green/blue pointer (if I remember the coloring correctly :D ). That glide slope needle needs to be above the center before you arm the glideslope, then you can maintain the altitude and when the needle comes down the autopilot will follow it and starts descending. When you see the needle below the center the autopilot won't descent on its own but you can press the vertical speed button and select a high rate of decent (e.g. 1000 to 1500ft/min) which should be sufficient to descent fast enough to capture the glide slope from above. But even if there is no glide slope you can do that and the autopilot will fly you into the ground if you're not careful. So the recommended procedure here is: tune the ILS, select and intercept heading, press the approach button, capture the localizer first (without the localizer captured the glide slope capture wont be possible), make sure you have a good glide slope indication (should be above you), maintain the altitude and wait for the needle to move to the center, the autopilot should descent then and you should see a green glide slope light go on above and to the right of the attitude indicator.

    Thank you for answer. When ILS is present on airfield I am landing exactly the way you described and all works correct, but I am curious if something similar is possible during landing on airfields without ILS, using only FMS (like for instance in Learjet) or in this case only manual landing is possible.

    So if I understand correctly (my English is not very good) it should be possible (both in the sim and in reality) to use FMS and autopilot during the first phase of landing approach in B 737, but the last part of landing must be done manually in similar way that I am doing that when flying Learjet or Bombardier. Am I correct? If yes, what is the right procedure? I can land fully manually or using autopilot when landing on airfield equipped in ILS, but when I am trying to use FMS to aprroach to an airfield without ILS plane does not descend at all after pushing APP button and turning the second autopilot on. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you for replay.

    I agree that if the real plane i unable to land automatically, it should be impossible in the simulation too. But I am curious if the variant of B 737 recreated in FS 2 (in real life and in the sim) is able to make some type of partly automatic approach (with manual landing in the final part) like B 747, Airbus or Learjet using FMS. Or maybe it is possible to land manually but with ability to use Flight Director to show correct approatch patch, or real pilots in this type of plane are landing fully manually without an help without any instructions from on-board systems?