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    Michael I checked my map_ttc files my grid is 56 level 9 tiles and that is my base from which I started. I don't remember what I set the download resolution to in FSET but once it downloaded the geoconvert processed the images to the 56 level 9 tiles and 896 level 11 tiles at one go. After I have my large base I then grab an 11 level tile save as area kml file and drag onto FSET select either FSET download resolution at 0 or-1 and convert levels 12, 13, 14, and 15 at one time. I then get from one level 11 tile 340 additional ttc files for complete coverage from level 9 - 15.

    That's right Michael except I downloaded a very large area first in FSET in my case nearly the whole state of Georgia and part of Alabama. what you see in my picture (that is in the red squares) is the level 11 area the underlying level 9 is not showing which is one kml grid at the 9 level area of the gridtool and geoconverted once the at both 9 and 11. If you can download the whole region gridtooled to level 9 then you can focus on the smaller as you mentioned but you have the base area already in good shape for high altitude flight converted at levels 9 and 11.


    Hello Michael,

    Here is a screenshot and a kml file I generated with vogel69 gridtool

    If you convert this at level 9 and 11 in geoconvert then go fill in the areas of higher res from the level 11 tiles which is a good area of coverage at a time. It will work well with the excel tool but having the visual helps a lot. also remember each level of resolution splits the square by 4 (ie. alevel 11 tile is made up of 4-12s, a 12 tile is 4-13s) so you need to keep the bounds consistent to avoid gaps. This is easy to see in the gridtool. I edit each level in GE in different color and can then view my coverage.

    hello pmb     

    I go into the google earth pro set my 1st kml file to a large area at level 9 tiles.

    I also converted this area at the level 9 and 11 in geoconvert, When I then saved this area as my grid in vogel69 gridfile

    I go and save a level 11 tile in fset to download and convert at higher resolution. Here is my home state of Georgia in USA and areas I have converted I did the whole large area first the have been filling in as I go the level 11 areas of my more particular interest. works like a charm

    God Bless

    I am reading this and it seems one says "tomatoe" and the other says "tomato"

    Just kidding, You guys are rocking and on the right track with this awesome sim.

    I wonder can I add "labels" to identify towns or areas of interest this way.

    I mean does a name show up in the sim apart from an airport?

    Thanks Jeff,

    I have been pouring over the forums and wiki and I seem to have a handle on the process of my scenery.

    My deal is some satellite images are clearer and closer to earth than others.

    what or where is the best resource for getting good high res tiles for towns and airports

    Again Thanks

    Hello I want to give say thanks to all the moderators and members for their hard work and friendly help.

    I am in south Georgia (US) and working with the FSEarthtiles. I just started Sunday and it's beginning to make sense.

    I want the highest res images I can locate (which I am not sure where to download from ..FSET or USGS?).

    Anyway I came across this site that show levels of zoom and tiles thought it might interest the community or even help.…nds-projection/

    If someone has some good setup for FSET to get really high res please share

    God Bless^^