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    I have X-plane, MSFS, P3D, AFS2 and power and storage and web connection enough to play any of them. Still i very much like this new version AFS4. Very fluid, instant start, sharp image.

    Default cultivation in AFS4 is very impressive when you combine it with hi-res images. For testing I took the excellent Paris from IZ0JUB, and Hamburg from Schnuffeluffel.

    I also want to thank them and every freeware contributor for these addons!

    So the sim is far from perfect out of the box, but it has very powerful engine which is very capable if fed with good hi-res images. Much better looks vs performance than AFS2 and those other sims. I think that the new AI traffic is quite nice already, of course lights and contrails, ground traffic etc would be nice.

    Sim also need better weather systems some way of shining water and more. But overall it is already so well done, that I really hope enough buyers and development.

    I also use FS-Chatter for ATC sounds by choosing right controller in different phases of flight.

    I like it better than any default ATC or Addon ATC (i have several) for my purpose, because i am too lazy to follow exact protocol in short sim sessions. I just want to have the feeling of air traffic around me. And those default ATC systems of other sims are very repetitive and limited anyway.

    So i am playing this sim when i want to relax with flying without unpleasant surprises, which often come with other sims :)