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    Believe so. Here:…hot-with-the-oculus-rift/

    also-- Google "screenshots oculus rift" for more help.


    A few examples of what you get from VR Screenshots - worth bearing in mind that you get two seperate jpg's for each shot - one is the regular screenshot and the other is the dual image from the 3D capture with VR included in the default saved filename - you'll need to use something suitable to view that back in 3d via the rift again.

    I'm very impressed so far. I'm using the Oculus Rift CV1 with the touch controllers

    Using the "Hands" does take a bit of getting used to and I frequently find myself reverting to the thumb-sticks but little doubt, with a bit of practice I'll get used to the feature.

    I actually find the touch controllers more sensitive, in a positive way, opposed to the Xbox controller I had previously been using - the throttle responds much faster, the lag that used to prevail has gone.

    All in, it's an excellent addition to an already impressive flight sim.

    Congratulations on acquiring your new hardware!

    I bought the Oculus Rift a few months ago and overall, I've been impressed.

    I still haven't gotten around to upgrading my graphics card. I'm slumming it with the Nvidia GTX960 that came with my system. Surprisingly it actually does a reasonable job but inevitably it isn't perfect - little doubt I could benefit from a higher frame rate.

    In my experience the headset can let you down under certain circumstances. It could certainly benefit from a higher resolution display - the symptoms you describe could just be down to that.

    I'm assuming you have made sure you have the latest drivers installed for your hardware, particularly the graphics card and have tried adjusting the lens slider located on the underside of the headset - that alone can make a vast difference.

    Your graphics card is certainly up to the job. Perhaps others with a similar hardware spec might be able to offer more insight.

    I'm certainly enjoying Aerofly FS 2 in VR, Good luck.

    In case of ORBX, they would not even have to begin from fresh. They recently mentioned that converting an airport from P3D to Aerofly FS 2 takes about 15% of the original time to build the airport, which seems to be quite an efficient conversion process they came up with. They also announced a large amount of such airport conversions from P3D to Aerofly FS 2 for this year, and so I am hoping that some of their UK airports may eventually also be among those. It would definately be a great start for the UK in Aerofly FS 2.

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    That sounds promising.

    The focus, certainly in the past, tends to be towards major English airports opposed to my location in the Glasgow area of Scotland - Glasgow International - EGPF is my closest airport (hence my username)

    It's understandable due to population statistics etc. There have been some exceptions E.G.…Homepage_Files/Page2.html and several other.

    If ORBX can convert their existing UK based scenery and airport products it would certainly be welcomed. If it is actually as straightforward and as fast as they seem to be suggesting there is little reason for them not to proceed.

    While ORBX has mentioned that they will not redo the UK in photoreal due to the high cost associated with it, they may eventually be willing to convert some of their amazing UK airport sceneries to Aerofly FS 2 and then add some photoreal area around them, similar to what they did with Meigs Field where they also added additional photoreal scenery in the surrounding area. This could be a pragmatic compromise and provide us with some high quality UK content. I personally would welcome this approach as I am a big fan of the UK as well and it is my main flight territory in FSX. As we do have the Geoconvert Tool, we could then add additional surrounding scenery to those airports on our own. Maybe something ORBX might consider to do?

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    Any progress towards UK coverage would certainly be welcome Jerome.

    IPACS have certainly provided a reasonable set of tools to enable scenery and airport development for Aereofly FS 2 but, inevitably, to be able to create accurate and impressive results requires a certain skill set.

    As an enthusiastic photographer I'm comfortable and competent with Photoshop but when it comes to 3D software - design and rendering, using, for example, 3DS I'm unfortunately lost and have never had the inclination or will power to put in the effort to learn.

    I certainly hope that the UK is modeled at some point - as you've said, there are already several products that would serve as a good starting point, even if developers are reluctant to begin from fresh.

    Many thanks to all for the informative replies.

    Sadly, the impression is that high quality scenery for the UK is looking unlikely in the near future, which is a shame.

    An ideal solution imho would be to associate scenery generation with an already robust and detailed mapping service like Google Earth. I appreciate this would no doubt be difficult, not least because, I would assume, increased server load at Google's end and the fact there is a profit being generated from the sale of the end-product - the sim would require some form of agreement and compensation for Google.

    Are there currently any plans to develop Scenery/Airports for the United Kingdom?

    Little doubt there are many Aerofly FS 2 customers , like me, that are keen to be able to take advantage of the simulator in an area of the world familiar to us.

    I'd particularly like to see the UK rendered in enough detail to be able to navigate via an accurate VFR representation, ideally photo-realistic or as close as possible using high resolution textures - I appreciate I might be pushing my luck at this stage of development!

    Whether the additional scenery & airports be developed and provided via IPACS or ORBX, I have little doubt this area of the world would prove popular.