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    Honestly, I would like to just have a Co-Op between IPACs and PilotEdge as well as OnAIr to be able to use AFS4 with both of those. For Pilot edge, there would need to be a hotkey option to key a mic and have a working Xponder. I couldnt imagine one flight school who wouldnt benefit from having a Aerofly FS4, PilotEdge VR setup sim for C172 and R22 practice purposes.

    Thanks for the reply. I do not. I can assign another axis to it so it can be assigned. But when I move the axis on the PUMA Flight trainer it does not register. Yet when I look at the controller on the controller page where I can calibrate it, I see full movement in the slider axis.

    I have the PUMA Pro Flight Trainer collective and am able to see the axis move but for some reason can not assign it in the helicopter collective axis. I can assign the throttle axis of the collective just not the Collective axis. Is there anything that can be to fix this? A config flie or something?

    Loving what AFS2 is doing and the direction that it is going. My only feedback is in hopes that IPACS is looking at working with PilotEdge to make the two work together. If so, that would be an amazing VFR sim in almost all of the PE coverage area. It would also bring in ATC and possible AI. The big focus would be more on a VFR with the best ATC experience. Add in Orbx products down the road and viola.