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    As far as I am concerned, the A350 and the A330 are more requested than the A220. Flying the A350 means flying long haul for sure because these regions that are included are not meant for flying the A350 on short haul routes. In Singapore and so on it would be another story. But yes, I agree, the A330 isn’t particularly a plane that flies long haul. But you also can’t deny the fact that that the A220 would be more variable with routes because of the regions that are included. Keep in mind that I am talking about realistic flying so for example routes in real life. I am also looking forward for the flying statistics.

    Most users fly Aerofly for relaxation, not for strict realism. If you are looking for variation, then we’d better get a military plane or cargo plane or something else instead of sticking with alrliners.

    since we already have a bunch of long haul airliners and only a few people (me included) are flying long haul because it’s time wasting many users think.

    Your statement is invalid. Firstly, how do you know the long haul players are the minority? Secondly, flying A330 and A350 doesn’t necessarily mean having long haul flight, you shouldn’t reject these two models and state that we need A220 more simply by the range. If you go back to the old vote on most expected airliners, you’ll find these two models are indeed the most popular ones. Statistics don’t lie. I think the flying statistics IPACS added in recent versions of Aerofly is a good reference. Hopefully they can collect the data and get to know what are most users truly need.

    Besides cultivation, there are even some POIs in Boston. Cultivations can also be found in Philadelphia. Too bad DC is still flat. Perhaps IPACS has plan of expanding the northeastern scenery?

    And how many flight simulators do you know with real water that have the performance of FS2? Or FS4 ( probably )? I do not know anyone.

    Then why would IPACS add these autogens in AFS4? I’m sure it impacts the performance a lot. If performance is the reason that you think prevent more important features like water. Then perhaps this sim can stop being developed.

    Just out of curiosity, why is this so important for you?

    Not important? Are you serious? Then what’s important to you? System and visual realism are two key factors of flight simulator. Cloulds, rains, water, those are as important as what IPACS has been working on to improve the scenery. I believe it’s even more important than publishing new scenery and aircrafts. And I reckon many people would have the same opinion.

    Please don’t rush the release. I hope the scenery for PC version can at least be a Denver level. Please take your time to finish the city light, autogens, POIs and taxiway lights. Also I hope the vegetations can be as good as the Florida scenery, the tree placements in old California scenery is a mess, we don’t want something like that.

    We have already used good European scenery such as orbx LOWI / TrueEarth Netherlands and Paris VFR. Please don’t let us done when we fly these regions again in FS4. Nobody wants to wait for many years only to see scenery quality degenerates.

    In addition, it would be nice if you can consider redoing the old California scenery in the future. Adding official autogens, street lights and improve the vegetations. I live in California and it would be fun to fly it in FS4.

    Don't worry, aren't you smart enough to use a translator, it's not hard to translate Turkish into English, instead of telling me, do it yourself first, tell the trooper who supports you so that he can learn how to use translation on the phone, there is such a thing as automatic translation on the phone. Are you understood 🙂

    This forum has players from all over the world, if everyone speaks their own language, this place will be in a mess and discussion will be much harder. Not every browser has automatic translation function and surely no want want to use translator for every thread. You should learn some basic manner and respect the other people.

    I checked it. LFPG now has ground texture and looks much better than before. There’s issue regarding mesh but I’m sure it’s not a big problem and they can fix it soon. I can’t see why you’re so disgruntled about this update.

    Wer um himmels willen,erstellt solche schlechten DLC (auch wenn es kostenlos ist)?????????????????;(

    Wenn das die DLC sind (wie Just Flight Hawk) und jetzt das für Aerofly FS 2 im Jahr 2021..werde ich mich bald von hier zurück ziehen.:!:

    Und wieder dahin gehen wo meine Wurzeln sind, und ich 98 das erste mal mit Flugsimulation angefangen habe.

    Tut mir Leid.

    I don’t understand why you have such comment. The cityscape in this DLC is great. Airports were bad but here they are making up for them. The price is reasonable. I don’t think there’s anything to complain. Furthermore, we should be thankful that there’re still developers paying attention to Aerofly. Please don’t start this year in this forum with passive attitude.

    Is this problem gonna to be repaired when UK comes to PC? orbx uses aerial images as well and they don’t have problem like this. Happy to pay extra money because this really influence experience.

    But this is very difficult as we need a partner in China that handles all this for us. It is something the chinese government has introduced recently, it affects all apps and we are afraid a lot of apps will be missing in the store real soon.

    This is sickness. The government is collaborating with those big companies such as Tencent and Netease. On the one hand they do what they called “Entertainment product import regulation” to control what its citizens can see and read. One the other hand they use this to bring trouble to foreign developers to force them to cooperate with those domestic companies and share profits. The Chinese AppStore is literally a junkyard now and is occupied by those agent products, harming consumers and developers, benefiting the government and big companies.

    But what’s really unexpected is they are even extending their claws to flight simulators. I mean, what can a flight simulator does harm to the governmental propaganda? The Microsoft flight simulator is banned in China because they use bing map??? What the f**k??? Anyway, I’m sorry this complexed political factor brings trouble to your business. Tens of thousands of Chinese players would really love to see FS2021 on Chinese AppStore and I wish you good luck. BUT DO NOT SUCCUMB TO THOSE AGENT COMPANIES!!! As Aerofly is the last few clean water in the dirty AppStore mainstream.