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    DOF Reality 2 Dof. Managed to get simtools to follow my joystick inputs, which was a mammoth task in itself. Very jerky movement though which I cannot seem to eliminate with filter settings. DCS World.

    Funny but the image quality is very blurry through my 5K+,(AFS2) especially in the distance. Frames are smooth though. Runways are completely blurred until final descent. Running a i7 9700 5ghz. 1080. SSD built into mobo.

    Sorry but an R22 does not cut it for me. I want something a little bigger. Chinook would be nice.

    Is it possible to save the record, and play it on other computers?

    Oh that will be great fun to watch and learn others!

    sure...but are you saying SBS 3D? Or just the 2-D output to the stream. I’ve done both, but you wanna me show off AFFS2 and OrbX scenery SoCal and LOWI, take a 2D peek here.

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    For me in my 5K+, I think I wet my self.

    This strange formation of cars, with the shape of a building, appears twice in Miami Intl. KMIA after installing the traffic files for this airport. When I delete the traffic files for KMIA, the formations disappear. I am the only one?.

    Something to be investigated drhotwing1 (IPACS)

    Cheers, Ed

    Having done more than several whole scenery’s and scenery objects in Gmax (yeah, I know, ima ol’ fart) FSX,P3D and X-Plane, it sure does look like an object that has been bound to the wrong texture.

    Beyond that, I don’t believe that an object that tall would be so close to a runway, so not only is the texture off, but the placement of the object itself is off in my estimation. I would love to be proven wrong.


    I am flying the Piper Cherokee Archer Iii and IV, but I don’t think my problem is relegated to just that aircraft, nor to my HOTAS.

    1. I have searched the AEROFLY fs2 wiki, forums, avsim and reddit. I have set zoom on in 2-d,it works;in VR IT DOES NOT....nothing happens. Zoom is necessary for reading small print enunciators, and digital metrics, such as the entire radio stack.

    I’ve bound other buttons to more than several other TM HOTAS Warthog buttons. Again, they work in 2-D but NOT in VR, Any ideas?

    2. Also, there are several identical bindings called “command-ControlName” and just “ControlName”. What is the difference?

    Thanks in advance for your speedy replies!