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    Let me first say that the VR hands work very well.

    Let me also suggest that the strength of the haptic feed back not be hard coded and that you insert a "Haptic Strength" setting that the user can adjust since everyone feels things differently.

    Rome wasn't built in a day. However it would be nice to feel stall shakers, control surface flutters, crashes, etc as a haptic feedback.

    Don't worry, be happy!


    Like I said before, I'm an engineer...

    You said three posts back: "The feedback is actually mentioned many times in the wiki under Virtual Reality..."

    It is not mentioned in the wiki. At least not the Wiki I'm reading.

    Ok, not trying to get in an argument but I am trying to figure out the FS.

    I just started the FS up and I can feel a very weak vibration when I press a menu button such as "Start", "Settings", "Back" etc.

    IMHO The vibration needs to be turned up stronger.

    I also flew the twin Baron into a stall and then dove it into the ground at 300 knots and felt no vibration in the controllers.

    I've read the wiki concerning controls and VR at least twice now. I see no mention of haptic feedback.

    I also don't recall ever feeling any vibrations in the rift controllers. Including crashes. My rift controllers haptic feedback does work with other games.

    I have looked in the Wiki for a setting to turn on haptic VR feedback. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm not seeing?

    What type of events will trigger haptic feedback?


    I'm a computer engineer so it's not like I'm new to this stuff, but as you know after 6 hours or so of trying various "things" and getting nowhere will get you a bit frustrated. Especially when you think everything on your end is correct. Luckily I rechecked the Geforce settings and saw that the update reset the default card settings back to "pick your own" which as you know is either the intel onboard chipset or the geforce.

    I've only run the game about 20 minutes but have a few beginners comments.

    Using the rift controllers is nice, but.... the only feedback you get is visual. And as we both know it's impossible to get force feed back from the rift controllers.

    I read the FS wiki before I bought the FS. I also know you can use the thumbstick in place of the "grab" yoke gesture.

    Does it make sense to have a "grab and forget" yoke option? i.e. once you grab it you can move the controller to a comfortable position and still keep on flying?

    I am able to assign extend and retract flaps to different joystick buttons, but I am not able to click on the "Up" side of the gear button setting. The only option it will give me is a "down" assignment.

    Thanks for the help!


    looks like my original thread was deleted regarding not being able to run fs in oculus rift.

    the problem was that the geforce video card update changed the settings back to "choose your own video card". I changed it back to force everything to run on the geforce and now have a screen in the rift.