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    Hi guys,

    I've always had a lot of problems with Vulkan, especially CTD.

    However, after some tests, I managed to finish my third flight in a row. I don't know exactly what I did differently that finally made me stable, so I'll quote below what I did recently, as well as share my Main and TM files if anyone wants to analyze:

    - I updated the ATI video driver (I don't think that was the main item in isolation);

    - I did a registry cleaning with CCleaner;

    - Uninstalled the high resolution texture pack (here's my main suspicion. I use a notebook and Aerofly is not on the SSD. Normal HD is very slow, so possibly big texture files cause problems;

    Have good flights,



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    Hi Aeroflyers,

    I flew today from KSNA (John Wayne-Orange County Airport), and I noticed that the runway numbers are wrong. In the flight planner the options are runways 19 and 1, but the runways are painted 20 and 2.



    Ty Jan

    I've been using this repaint until the last update.

    I tried to rename the file but still not work. I will download a new one to see how it works.

    Have a great Sunday

    Edit: Solved. The new text file is a little different. Ty man!

    Hello friends,

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but after the last update the aircraft repaints that I installed no longer works. For example, the Qantas 747 repaint appears perfectly in the aircraft menu, however when starting the simulation the defaut KLM painting appears.

    How to solve it?

    Ty guys!

    Really sorry, wrong file.
    Now I losted it because I did a new flight after using OpenGL.
    I will try to remake the conditions and send the correct file if the happens again.

    Hello friends,

    Yesterday I flew with the 777-300ER (great job from iPacs, by the way).
    The flight was between Denver and Salt Lake City. The simulator suggested level 410. I tried to fly at that level but in my view it was not good.
    - The angle of attack was too high, At FL390 was better.
    - The power in CON mode is less than in CLB (is this normal in real?).
    - CRZ power mode is unable to maintain the aircraft at a high level.

    In addition, this is very good, apart from the TOD indicator in the ND very far from ideal.

    I hope the information is useful.

    Take care,

    Cristiano de Sá

    Hi Jan,

    I flew between Denver and Eagle using the A320 and noticed something that might be useful:

    As I already knew that the TOC and TOD were wrong (as shown in the ND at the beginning), I calculated the TOD manually, that simple count (FL * 3) / 100, which gave me about 45 nm considering the elevation of the aerodrome .

    Well, I passed the wrong TOD shown in the ND and when it got close to 45 nm, to my surprise PFD showed the DESACELERATE and I commanded the descent through the AP vertical navigation mode. The aircraft followed the descent perfectly.

    That is, the TOD is being shown wrong in the ND, but it is correct somewhere else for the AP and PFD.

    I hope I have been helpful.

    EDIT: Forget that above. I think it was out of date.

    I did the reverse route and everything worked correctly. 😉👍

    Does this occur with Open GL as well?
    Can you please upload your tm.log file from right after the crash? Thanks.

    Only on Vulkan.

    Follows two TM files attached:

    The first CTD was approaching KSAN. It happened as soon as I clicked Navigation on the Main Menu.
    So I restart AFFS2 to complete the flight and a new CTD happened closing to KSAN but during fly.

    Thank you Jan!

    This is new.... Which aircraft and which starting places? Are you able to reproduce this, if so how can we replicate this?

    It does not happen specifically with a certain aircraft or a certain location.

    When I am switching between aircraft in the selection menu, then the CTD happens. And on the map screen when I’m going to select the starting location, sometimes occurs the CTD. But after restart AFFS2 I can select without problems.

    To be honest, I always had problems when using Vulkan, but was when flying, specially over more detailed locations as SFO and Denver. It could be because I use a slow laptop HD (I have a SSD hd but without storage capacity)? Which is a shame because my FPS almost doubles.

    @Ubbi: Please restart your Steam client and try again, it should be updating Aerofly FS now to version

    Now works for me, thank you.

    And thank you for the update!

    Until now the problems I have are the TOC / TOD of the Airbus and some CTD when trying to select the aircraft and the starting place on the map (using Vulkan).

    I also noticed some errors in the texts of the French version.