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    I am not sure exactly what you are asking but you can use the WMR version of your headset. Just go to the Cliffhouse and start SteamVR then FS4. It seems to work well with my WMR Headset.

    When I start from the desktop, it just runs on the monitor. There have been some Windows improvements in VR and WMR operations over the last year.

    When I select some button on the FMS, I normally have to stick the virtual finger all the way down to the first knuckle and then move it around to get that button to activate.

    It will show the orange outline, but that is all it does. Sort of like the contact points are not mapped accurately to the virtual button.

    Other situations are the reversers won't return to idle normally because they can't be grabbed to push forward. Possibly the primary throttles are interfering with the reverse levers and keep them from being moved. The primary throttles seem to work fine during operations.

    I am still trying to understand how to get certain info I need, but not knowing for sure what works correctly and what doesn't, makes that hard.

    Thanks for reading.

    I always wonder what exactly the green dot means. Is it strictly your position relative to the path or does it combine position and speed changes. A real VNAV path should calculate the exact path, including future speed changes. Since my system seems to keep the aircraft below the indicated path, that might be for the speed reduction. Since the normal top of descent is manual, I do start down shortly prior to the path change.

    But I have problems on both the 737 and A320. In both cases, strange things happen around the 250 Kts slowdown approaching 10,000 ft. The 737 will never recover and lose the path completely and the A320 will add power, put itself above the path and then request drag to slowdown even though the power does not seem to be at idle. Maybe the airplane is not designed to use idle thrust due to some requirement, I do not know.

    OK, you caught me, just shows how little I know about those airplanes. The Strike Eagle is the one available.

    both fighters the autopilot disengages as soon as you deflect the stick

    Doesn't seem to disengage in the F-15. I have moved the stick in big circles and nothing will change.

    Not being able to change the heading is a little strange. Setting a VOR course an any other component of the NAV display seems to be inoperable. It isn't a big deal for me right now since I am spending more time learning how to land a tail dragger... I did want to confirm the situation was not just due to the new Win 10 version.


    I have been playing with the F-16 in VR mode. I seem to be having a problem getting certain things to work as far as controlling the autopilot and navigation settings.

    I can turn the autopilot on but once that it done the buttons seem to be locked and will not respond. I did find a A/P button below the primary display where I can get control of the airplane back but that even seems a little strange.

    I cannot find any buttons or switches or whatever to change the selected heading or altitude since very little seems to be active. The formation switch is active, whatever that is.

    I have not actually flown the airplane so I am not familiar with the normal operations but was wondering if anyone else running the latest Win 10 release was seeing such an issue.


    If we are just stating wants, I would like an all glass airplane like the Boeing 757-200 or 767-300. It is important that whatever airplane is added that it work well in VR.

    For instance, the Beech Baron is very dark and hard to tell if some adjustment is even moving plus if you move the throttles, the finger puts the gear down.. :))

    I just did an RNAV approach and it seemed to work pretty well. I set the altitude to the MDA or around 500 Ft. AGL and let the and let the system fly it down. It stayed in the Green rectangles better than I would have expected it to. The airspeeds reduced with flap movement so the first time I touched the airplane was just before minimums.

    I could not turn on both autopilots in that mode....... I did not hit the approach button because that is for the ILS.. The ILS/Course switch stays in Course and is not switched to ILS.

    I am still trying to get worked out, in VR, how to hit a TO/GA button to engage the FMS. In the A320, just pushing the throttles all the way up seems to do that automatically.

    You can't turn the second autopilot on with the 737, when you do it should disconnect the first one.

    It looks like you can engage the second autopilot if on an approach. I had mine set up with both radios on the same ILS frequency and course dialed in but I don't know if that is mandatory... The airplane should be able to complete an approach with one autopilot so it should capture the G/S if only one were engaged. And it does if that airport has a G/S on that ILS.

    I haven't done any VNAV approaches.

    The newer airplanes are confusing me.

    If you set a route, it does display the Green rectangles all the way down final, if you are wanting something like that. If you want to land manually and are using external controllers, you may be able to set up things like To/GA buttons and Autothrottle and Autopilot disconnect buttons...

    The VR version has some restrictions as some of those options are not available.

    I think it is agreed the plane will Autoland with an ILS approach. right now.

    It looks like KCCR has ILS approaches for both 32 runways, but as was mentioned, like San Diego it may not have a GS. Of course you are not even showing a Localizer and neither the G/S or LOC are captured in your attachment. The 32R runway is only 4600 Ft which is fairly short for an A320.

    I would try a bigger airport but if you want to use that airport I will go see how it works. Since the A320 sets up the ILS by itself, it appears that is not happening so maybe you need to set the destination runway.

    My situation has improved in that now I can run the full graphics without the distortions as long as some settings are kept restricted.

    I have always contended, with the Odyssey headset, the view will clear up if I get close to the instruments. I can put my head over the yoke of the 737 and see the panel fine. I can move it back one inch and the instruments get fuzzy and with certain settings, the heading bug will disappear.

    I also believe, the yoke on the 737 sits too far from the instrument panel. If it were to be 8 to 12 inches closer to the instruments it should help with the clarity of the instruments.

    I was wondering if anyone using a Vive Pro headset had the same experience with the clarity of view diminishing rapidly at a certain distance from the instrument panels? A comparison with the 737 would be beneficial just to stay standardized.

    Thanks all..

    Hey Saltgrass, we don’t have a price yet on the Lighthouse 2.0 base stations or wands. Those aren’t available yet. The base stations and wands kit is $300 but it’s 1.0 base stations and wands. HTC created that kit for those wanting the Pro but that don’t have the original Vive. The regular Vive full kit is $500. The reason HTC gave for selling only the headset now is that it was to be an upgrade for those that wanted it and the 2.0 base stations aren’t available yet. Valve is making those.

    I don't understand your comment about "base stations and wands kit is $300". When I check the Vive accessories, all I see, and they are out of stock, is $130 for one controller and $135 for one base station.. I understand those are the 1.0 versions. But that adds up to $530... Even though it may be a moot point, where are you getting the $300 number?

    I suppose again I have to ask, why is it cheaper for me to buy a kit which includes a headset, 2 controllers and 2 base stations, for less than I can buy just the controllers and base stations. Marketing is a strange thing, but I think they are making a mistake....

    Thanks for the explanation, I am probably totally misunderstanding the situation.

    There are still some settings no one has mentioned. The Odyssey uses Windows Mixed Reality. That utility has graphics options and Refresh rate options which may or may not influence how it works with SteamVR. Things like a heading bug disappearing if you move your head back 1 inch might make a difference.

    Other than that, the pricing seems a little strange in that you can purchase the Original Vive kit (with first generation controllers and base stations) and the Vive Pro for the same price as purchasing the Vive Pro and the improved controllers/Base Stations.

    Too bad the Vive Pro did not come out originally with a kit price instead of a per unit price....

    Thanks HiFlyer, yesterday I decided to uninstall Windows Mixed Reality and reset the headset. After doing all of that I realized I had been under the impression I had to start the WMR Preview to get the headset to work... Once I stopped doing that, the graphics pretty much returned to normal and I am able to run in Ultra again.

    Thanks for everyone's help, sorry I was doing such a dumb thing.