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    It is all well and good to say don't install sceneries to a particular program directory. And yet Most scenery addons do not ask for an install directory. Northeast US/New York, fresh download simply installs to the FS2 folder as always,

    Maybe someone should check to see if the addons/payware are compliant.


    So here is the reply from IPACS. Essentially, a "Too Bad, reinstall everything." So much for customer service.

    Dear Rotorrick,

    Dear Sir,

    any AddOn sceneries have to be installed again with the installer you get from the seller.

    I guess I will not be buying anything else from IPACS and will let people know they will never admit to any mistakes. Who cares about paying customers, we'll just hoodwink more into buying. Their time has no value.

    Most likely this will get deleted. Wouldn't surprise me at all.


    So.. IPACS releases an update that overwrites ALL you installed and purchased scenery. The New York Scenery, for example, that I paid for and used their installer put the files wherever it wanted /needed to I never chose any directory. The "update" erases all of it with NO warning precipitating a massive headache and now it's our fault THEIR old installers put files where they were supposed to go.

    Keep going IPACS, you're losing customers and precipitating bad reviews. I am not able to use FS2 at all. So now what? Send me a refund for everything I have purchased and I will not darken your door again. Or FIX THE PROBLEM.


    I sent in a customer service message regarding scenery i paid for. no response yet.

    A warning that it would kill your installation and lose all your scenery would have been nice.

    Of course, we won't receive any compensation for the major re installation hassles.

    I am losing faith in IPACS.


    I have lost ALL my Scenery paid, freeware... I have base tiles only. No airports exist in the searchable database.

    After having a completely working installation, your installer completely destroyed my install without warning.

    Not what i would call customer service.