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    P3D seems to suffer from it's own updates - they break most of the third party add-ons and users have to wait for all of those people to patch and fix them. That would drive me nuts. Maybe I'll buy it in another year or so..when LM calms down finally now that they have the 64bit platform up.

    when I can approach KSAN from Gillespie Field in a Stearman, hear traffic contacting the tower and see other planes in the pattern, landing, taxiing and so on with some vehicles cruising on the highway and a flock of birds being flushed from the brush as I drop down to the strip (like I can in FSX) and still have these FS2 FPS I will die happy. And if on top of that I could take off from NAS North Island and fly out to a moving carrier for traps and cats (like I can in FSX) or fly to a remote lake in a seaplane and land on dynamic and reflective WATER (like I can in FSX)... and on and on we go.

    Those things aside - I DO respect what IPACS has made and is continuing to develop - This is a nice change of pace for when I only need to see fluid frame rates, pretty planes, and nice lighting...

    If I wanted to fly without ATC, AI traffic, or any other signs of life on the planet then I would only fly FS2. Unfortunately I like those other things just as much as I like smooth frame rates. So far the two are mutually exclusive. You can have one or t'other. This is why I own 5 flight simulations and have no disposable cash left to my name

    oh it would also be nice to have a 'dynamic' spot view - or 'floating' spot view - as opposed to the rigid and non realistic 'airplane on a stick' view currently available. The flyby view is nice - however - is it just me or are these planes too quiet in external view?

    To be fair I have only flown the Corsair, C172, and the Jungmeister, so far since I updated to the beta

    ok so Vulkan is terrific with G-sync. I see only occasional glitching (sudden terrain and texture flashes in the blink of an eye) and no tearing. In fact - this flight sim is the smoothest I have yet seen.

    I am running on an Intel 7 series at 3.6 ghz Win 7/64 with a GTX1050ti and 16gigs Ram on an SSD

    Aircraft improvements are welcome. The ability to shut down after taxiing to parking is kind of a big deal here.

    I would also like the option to cold start the airplane rather than spawn with the motor running. Maybe if that were the default state when selecting a parking spot as spawn point? No point in selecting approach or the takeoff position with the engine(s) off is there? ..but if I want to start from the apron or ramp let's have the engine off please and let the pilot (user) fire them up.

    Still looking forward to AI traffic, Comms, ATC, and any other signs of life in the sim you care to provide - in any order you like.

    But I will say that when I want to fly a plane without pop-up auto gen, micro stutters, and with what appears to be more than 60 fps as a baseline no one can touch you guys. Well Done.

    The beta installed just fine - I also added the Utah, Colorado, and enhanced Southwest textures along with your Q400..all looking very nice. Thank You

    for what it's worth I do not plan to use VR anytime soon - I am not strapping that bedpan to my face to the exclusion of the world around me. I have a nice monitor to look at and decent speakers and I don't expect that to ever

    toutenglisse - for MSI afterburner do I not need to have an MSI mobo?

    I have already set the vsync in nvidia and switched it off in the simulator GUI and that works well but for the clouds.

    jet-Pack, I guess I should have flown the c172 before I piped up - lol

    it's good to know there is a substantial list of further development

    I saw that there is a cold and dark mod for the c172 and now I'm wondering if there will be a 'parked plane' option for all aircraft..

    I would like to start from the flight line or hangar area either with a 'cold and dark' cockpit - or barring that - at least have the option to 'quickstart' and 'shutdown' the engine(s) with a keystroke. It just adds a bit more completion to sim flying than starting from the active with the prop or jet engine running and then quitting the flight with the airplane running and generally without a taxi to the fuel or parking area. It just seems like a small change that would make a huge difference in the experience - IMO