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    Yes Kai, that was me. :) It was a great weekend. I was lucky to depart just one minute before the unfortunate accident yesterday. I feared the worst hearing it over radio and was very happy to here that there were only minor injuries.

    This is so cool! :D

    One Aircraft that I can really recommend for all the airfields, is the Bücker Jungmeister. It has good STOL-capabilities and the engine is strong enough. The Extra and the Pitts are also no problem in Lukla, though quite a challenge in Syangboche (but it works!)

    Q400 also works in Lukla, but only just... On my first take-off with normal flap setting I stalled and burned to death, but on second try with almost full flaps I was able to takeoff and also to land (on first try, without dying! ^^), approach speed 120 knots, touchdown at the threshold, immediate reverse thrust and max. braking.

    The experience in VR really makes this a 10/10. Amazing!:thumbup::thumbup:

    Thanks for your reply Jan.

    You are modelling a different behavior than I thought then. What you explained could happen if the (engine-driven) fuel pump was to weak, that's why I said I would go see a mechanic :D. Fuel priming also wouldn't help in that case, an additional electric fuel pump would help though, but the Cub hasn't got one. The common reason why airplane engines stop at low gs is because the carburetor isn't working then. Happens all the time when flying aerobatics in a Robin 2160...

    Regarding restart, you are absolutely right, you need quite a bit of airspeed to overcome cylinder compression. In the RF 5 (2.0l Limbach engine) it is about 200-220 km/h, as you can see here. It is a handbook method in a TMG like the Fournier.

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    In SEP-aircraft you are usually not allowed to kill the engine on purpose (at least in Germany as far as I know) but in the Robin 2160 (Lycoming O-320) the propeller will come to a complete stop in a few turns of a spin. It restarts at around 250-270 km/h, or using the starter of course.

    Again, thank you very much for continuously improving aircraft physics in the sim!

    The fuel gauge works and you can even kill the engine in low g maneuvers and fly the fuel tanks empty. I'm not sure if it is realistic but you can also pump the primer to get a bit more fuel into the engine in these situations :D

    Once that prop is stopped there is no way to restart the engine in the air.... once you are on the ground you can grab the prop with the mouse or vr hands to get it spinning again though :)

    Gave the little bird a try and had good fun! But my engine stuttered during higher g maneuvers (pulling up) and not at low gs (flew some push-overs)... maybe I should go check the engine, thats dangerous like that...

    For the future - maybe you could make engines restartable by airflow at higher speeds? I actually tried that using other planes as well and the windmilling behavior until the propeller stops is very well done but once its stopped there is now way to get it back to turning, except for using the starter (if it has one).

    Is it possible to handprop from the outside view? I only got it working from inside the cockpit with mouse but not with VR hands.

    Ok, cause I was wondering how a mention about exploring the SDK had metamorphosed into discussion of a particular copter on being looked at! :/

    Well, because that is the helicopter that X-Rotors developed. Maybe I am wrong, but on their website I only see that particular one... Of course that doesn't say it will actually happen, I think of it more like a 50/50 chance but nevertheless it's already good to see more developers get interested in the Sim.

    Hey AFS Community,

    Since the first thread regarding the matter was deleted due to a broken link, I try it without linking the reference. But I think these could be veery interesting news...

    X-Rotors is a developer who released an AW 139 helicopter for X-Plane 11. According to a very short statement from X-Rotors on Twitter (you can easily find it via google) they are evaluating possibilities for porting it to AFS2! :)



    These are amazing news for Aerofly, especially if it really has no performance impact! It should finally make all the critics speechless who still say AFS performance is only so good because of the world beeing lifeless. You are definitely on the road (literally) to making the best flight simulator ever. Fantastic! 8)



    I started diving into VR using the Odyssey+ just at the beginning of this week. I also got a high-end PC (i9-9900k, RTX 2080 ti) for it and in my opinion this is the best thing ever for flight simulation! It is soooo much closer to reality than flying on a monitor with TrackIR - it is amazing.

    I used your settings and they work well for me. I haven't looked at my fps yet, but I don't think I am getting a constant 90, because sometimes I can notice a little un-smoothness. I don't care though... And I have all settings at ultra, shadows insane using Vulkan.



    Seems to be about the P3D version...? He talks about a large area being optional so you can use FTX Global for it instead.

    As I understand it, they might do this for the P3D version, but the AFS2 version is still probably released first. Coverage should be the same, but of course you can't disable anything.


    Although I think the Cub is great, I'm not voting for it, because I think we need a more powerful bush plane with a turbine engine (no, I'm not talking about "Draco" here) to fly in the hopefully soon to be released Lukla scenery.

    That aircraft is of course the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter 8). As a plus, it doesn't need to be yellow ;).