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    Hi Jet-Pack (Jan),

    was my post from 28. Oktober (see above) helpful to find the navigation issues?

    I am sure it must be something really simple which causes the problems because before the integration of SIDs/STARS LNAV/VNAV worked perfectly.

    I'm also sure you are working hard to get this sorted and am looking forward on your success regarding this.

    Kind regards


    Ich habe das gleiche Problem, meine sämtlichen gekauften addons sowie mühsam installierte Freeware sind verschwunden.Das kann doch nicht wahr sein,

    daß das Team von Ipacs einen solches update empfiehlt und dann das geamte Programm mit Ausnahme der Grundinstallation nicht mehr funktioniert.

    Gibt es denn niemanden bei Ipacs, der ein solches update vor release testet? Ich habe auf jeden Fall keine Lust mehr ,mich mit den unausgereiften Produkten und Entwicklungen von Ipacs zu befassen .Die Konkurrenz wartet.

    Yes, that is annoying.

    But let me tell you: THE competitor is even more buggy..

    Software development isn't an easy task. Well, how do I know?



    Oh great, thank you so much Michael,

    I will download them and also put it on an external drive.

    I guess I have to download the payware sceneries (Switzerland, Florida, New-York) from the store I once purchased them.

    (Aerosoft perhaps)

    Thank you again

    Kind regards


    Thank you Michael,

    as I've lost all my non standard secenery too I really dont know how to get them back, do you have a link to the HiRes IPACS sceneries?

    (Colorado, Utah, etc.)

    Kind regards


    Hi there,

    I am having issues since the last update:

    (Besides that it uninstalled my paid Swiss, New York, Florida and also the freeware HIRes US Sceneries Nevada, Utah, etc.)

    (I also dont know how to / from where to get it back.. any suggestions?)

    I setup a Flightpaln (inside Cockpit FMC)



    SID none


    STAR none

    Route Waypoints (automated)


    PIC-01 / A320 seems to go DIRECT NATHN after activating AP. (Does not get back on Course)

    PIC-02 / Initiated DESCEND (managed) A320 descends below VPATH (green DOT)

    PIC-03 / 4.5 nm from NATHN A320 turns right (not following route)

    PIC-04 / Next waypoint ALISN active (but A320 does not turn further onto it)

    PIC-05 / AP switches to V/S Mode and HDG Mode

    and thats it... I am lost...

    Kind regards


    Never had a CTD before...

    But today AFS2 crashed to Desktop...

    Could someone please take a look to see what is possibly wrong?

    This seems strange:

    141.90-tmrenderer_vulkan: ERROR: (streaming buffer overflow (vbcapacity=5923920->5592405) (ibcapacity=442728->1398101)

    141.90-tmrenderer_vulkan: ERROR: (sbv buffer overflow: tused=5923920 reserved=5592405)

    (PC Version, Windows 10, A320 from KSNA to KSFO, Vulcan, some Addons...)



    Hi Robert, I’m getting the Cessna OK in 2019 mobile, I’ll check PC later. Here is the HUKEM intersection of Seal Beach (115.70) 068 radial and I-SNA (111.75) localiser and 10 miles DME. Allowing for setting the VOR OBS on an analog dial on a tablet everything seems fine.

    The I-SNA DME indicates 1.1 miles at the 20R threshold, the ground based DME transponder delay is not set up to show zero at the runway threshold.

    I got the SFO to CCR DME as 29.9 in the 2019 C 172.

    Just fly the SLI Radial 049 outbound until crossimg the LOC 20R (I-SNA) . Check DME SLI / I-SNA

    BTW: I am on the latest public PC Version



    Yes, as I said it works as expected (via local-network and with x-plane 11). Position is constantly updated without delays.

    Thank you Antoine,

    I dont think ithe issue is on SkyDemon

    If I connect to Aerofly via my local Network (iPad to PC) SD receives Data and works as expected.

    If I connect to x-plane 11 it also works as expected. (even when connecting from SD running on the same machine as x-plane)

    There must be a problem in Aerofly's code to fail the connection when client (SD) and Server (AF2) runnning on the same machine.

    Furthermore there is a bug where AF2's IP-settings do not get saved to the main.mcf file.



    When I enter a IP address into the broadcast field the value would not save...

    It is always repalced by some (default) IP when I return to the settings menu. Why is that?

    Also I cannot connect to SkyDemon running on the same machine

    SD shows connected but does not receive position data.

    Even if I change the IP to the correct IP of my machine (by editing the main.mcf file) it would not show position data

    Here is my tm.log:

    103.85-tm_ext_net: initializing connection 'flightinfo_broadcast' ipaddress='' target_port=49002 receive_port=49002

    103.85-tmsysnet_udp: ERROR: (bind failed (10013=An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.))

    103.85-tmcollision: ERROR: (failed to open connection. error='An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.')



    ok.. it seems this is a R22 Forum now...

    Runway numbers at KLAS are outdated:

    26R (former 25R) actually has an ILS which when I tried yesterday with the A 320 did not capture.



    I thought I should add an explanation to my question:

    I find it a bit frustrating to do a flight from airport A to (a not yet visited) airport B just to find out that the approach doesn't work as I arrive at my destination.

    I like the way you developers work your way up by developing this software bit by bit to get it right from the get go. (which most developers don't) and I know that it it takes an awful lot of time to do it right. (as I am a developer myself)

    What I find dissapointing though is when I read that you are working on a helicopter while there are still issues with the fundamentals.

    I hope that the team does not loose their attitude in arranging the priorities just to please the casual gamers with eyecandy and shiny features and let the really important things (which make a simulation a simulation) slide.

    Yes but if we were to decrease the brake strength of the button how should we distinguish between emergency, where you want maximum braking and normal roll out? Or would you sacrifice the max braking action and rather overrun the runway (since the runway was too short to begin with)?

    I am aware of that.. thats why I asked for a setting to adjust individually to my personell taste as I indeed would sacrifice full braking action for a realistic decelleration on rollout (..I try not to mess up the landing most of the time)



    Open the tmd file Look for [wheel Brake] reduce the value and save it , I have mine at .5 , make sure you back up a copy of the tmd in case things go haywire.

    And this is the winner.

    I now adjusted to 0.2 which makes decelleration much more realistic. You earned a Like !

    Thank you much goofy:)