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    Your experience may vary:

    "I have landed in 8 farmer's fields over my 18 years of soaring in and around Utah and have always been met by the farmers and their families with great enthusiasm and interest in the beautiful ship from the sky that landed in their field...But not all farmers are always sober or appreciate the lines of a sailplane...

    ...Have any ideas or tips with dealing with angry farmers who don't see the beauty in soaring? Also, what does the law say about our right to land on their private property? We could either land there or crash there - the glider is coming down either way. Can they legally confiscate our glider? Demand ransom or a landing fee? How do you deal with a pi..ed off farmer holding a shotgun?

    Thanks for any stories or insights,

    Bruno - B4"

    I was lucky never to land in one but I helped several of my pals to remove their gliders from wheat, corn, etc. fields, disassemble, put it in a trailer as quick as we could. By the way I was trained in an all metal (aluminum) two-seater with a best glide ratio about 20:1. In reality most of the time less than that. That is close to what a 747 has. I guess it required a bit more planning and concern than a modern fiberglass performance glider having 40:1. Not to mention to find and utilize thermals.

    Yes, winch launch or towing is one of the things that I also would like to see added in the sim.

    The gliders itself are flying just like in real life?! Especially the ASG29 was set up by me in countless hours of work and I think it flies pretty realistic. Maybe a slight touch to much lift and too little drag when the flaps are at landing config but apart from this it feels pretty good, just like the gliders I fly in real life.

    I'm an old timer and as I wrote "flew" gliders for some years. In my memory each glider has its own behavior even more so than powered airplanes. I never had a chance to fly an advanced fiberglass glider such as the ASG29. You designed the ASG29? My sincerest congratulation for that effort and achievement. The SWIFT I like less.

    But I do agree with you, one gets used to them fairly quickly and then the feel is pretty good. I fly them in FSX but its a bit unnatural. In real life there is a lot more buffeting and difference whether you fly with or against the wind. That, as I'm sure you know, might be a big factor whether you land on the airfield or in the cornfield. AFS2's great sceneries make me wish that I could do it more. Wind sound simulation would be a plus. I used to play the Aerolfy Pro Deluxe RC-Flight simulator and was very happy with it. I still have it but since it doesn't port to Window 10 I must change computers and are limited to smaller screen. But its photo realistic sceneries (like Neuschwanstein field) were a pure pleasure. As good or perhaps better than being there and wrecking real planes.

    The generation of thermals and even ridge lift I find different in FSX from what I've experienced. When I fly over a dry pasture that I'm sure will generate some I find none, then all of a sudden over a body of water you get a lift. Hmm! It also lets you get away with things that in real life would surely end in a stall, or even a corkscrew. That in fact is not a bad thing. Challenges, if desired, could be options, but I don't really care for them. But I don't expect miracles just an sedate approximation of real flight.

    I must say that all the planes I flew in AFS2 fly very nice, better than FSX, and luckily much easier than real planes would. I don't believe that in real life I could sit in a fighter plane (even just a trainer) and simply take off and fly. I recall for my first solo flights and I still feel the excitement (well maybe in retrospect, fear) when your plane starts to move.


    Thanks for all the good advice. I don't want to live like an airline pilot, unless they pay me captain's wages, I would just like to simulate that I'm one. I leave the real stuff for men more macho than I am.

    To me the enjoyment comes from starting with basic role playing not attending for some pilot school of hard knocks. My idea is to go to the airport on a sunny day, (but it's very nice if I can select day or night), chose my plane, walk around and kick the tires, see if all the controls are intact and the plane is flyable, the open the door, strap myself in and start the engine. If I have some passengers, open the door and let them take their seats. Ask or just wait for a tower control to give permission to taxi, warn me about flights landing on the same runway I'm on. Then take off, have a nice flight, land and do everything you should do when you complete a real flight. Naturally all these steps should be optional and bypassed by a single, next button if desired. So if I'm in the hurry I don't have to wait 45 minutes to taxi. Am I too demanding? Somehow I feel this is the minimum to be able to say that I had a good flight. Hardships, accidents, foul weather, enemy planes, etc. could be added later.

    Since the gliders are missing from the

    Aerofly FS 2 Aircraft Information

    your reply helped me a great deal of getting the basic information I was looking for.

    4) understand and will experiment

    5) Yes, if I'm correct the Polish designed Swift that can do some aerobatic maneuvers.

    6) Since I flew gliders for some years, I (as almost all glider pilots) view gliders with engines more as a joke than a real glider. So you can understand why was I missing a tow plane or even just a winch. Anxious for a flight in Austria of the Swiss Alps. This may explain why I found the throttle taking the role of a stick or flaps very unexpected. If gliders are ever are updated I'd like to request that they are simulated as they fly in real life. Since Aerofly was (I believe still is) a German company this should be really come naturally to them, since Germany played a major role between the wars to use and popularize glider flying. It should be a matter of national pride. Thanks for your help.

    Best regards

    They might be in the future. Its very likely that even the aircraft without parking brake will have some sort of assistance to stay put when you load them on a starting position at the gate or ramp. But if you place them on the runway they should be ready for takeoff. A parking brake would be really annoying then and that's why its always off right now.

    Thanks, I'm still struggling just to even discover the undocumented features of this program. A job worthy of a Hercule Poirot.

    • Even after landing and the throttle set to zero frequent repeated application of the brake is the only way to prevent the plane to run amok. My passengers are complaining about whiplash. Seriously when left alone the idle throttle (indicated as 0 (zero) at the throttle lever in the cock pit) the plane keeps with excessive speed, I cannot read such a low speed on the speedometer calibrated for Mach speed but when you try to estimate it feels like driving a car between 40-50 miles.
    • When I complete a flight and park too close to a building or another plane, if I don't keep holding the break or set the parking brake I smash into the object front of me with no chance to turn around or recovery. When that happens subsequent FLY sessions start with the nose in the wall or in the other plane. Quite demanding task for a student.
    • A new Select plane or Select airport is needed to recover from a crash and start a new flight? Isn't there a new mission or refly mission option?
    • How do I start a flight with a glider? Are there no tow planes to call and start?
    • What is the red and white triangle object by the wing? Is that some kind of control to manipulate the plane?
    • Why is the throttle (slider) suddenly used as an air brake on the glider?

    Just to mention of few tips of the iceberg.

    Isn't there a useful documentation for this program?. The one published on the web talks more about "mobil" application than about basic PC use. Are taht menay user using 5-7" screen iPhones. I have a 43" monitor! Thanks


    That would mean that the addition of an engine ON-OFF option is a much needed basic requirement, or at the very minimum starting all simulations using planes that could roll on their own should be with the parking brake set to ON.

    Ridgeskimmer wrote:
    Is there not a Mod that allows you to start the C172 I think?

    The default C172 does this too

    My question was about the behavior of the Aermacchi MB-333. I'm happy to learn that some planes do this. While I'm not a complete newbie to flying or flight simulators, as my Avatar indicates I'm a Beginner with FS2 or at least commenting on this FS2 site. So I truly appreciate and thank all the help that makes learning it easier and quicker. The fact that some planes do this implies individual profiles and configurations for various planes. Obviously that would be the best of all worlds but I wasn't aware that is documented and published. Not to mention that MODs can be made to those configuration files. Is that true or I have misunderstood the referring to that possibility.

    I apologize for my beginner status but the idea would be to learn, that for me done best from learning from those who already in the know and not experiment on my own. So just one more question. While this Aermacchi MB-333 flies beautifully (in fact perhaps too easy to control), its engines never display exhaust flames whether still on the ground (low or zero throttle) or in high speed flight. In real life most planes don't except like when afterburners kick in, but on FS2 pictures and videos it shows in very nice blue, orange red colors. Do I miss something or is that also some feature that must be manually turned on? Thanks.


    The rolling away is realistic for most aircraft. Its what aircraft do in real live because their engines are designed to fly, and not to idle on the ground.

    May I disagree? I have never seen a plane rolling away from a gate on its own despite that their engines are on low rpm "idle". Never seen on tied down airplane on an airfield either. The pilot (or service personnel) must disconnect the tie downs or take the break chokes away in order to run. I do not say that FS2 should have as many options like X-Plane 10, 11 has, but what harm would it be in making some improvements? How hard would it be for FS2 to implement an ENGINE on-off option? I am a programmer and if I'm asked by a client to do this in one of my programs, I would do it in 5 minutes while he is still explaining what he wants. Granted, distributing the update could take that many weeks.

    I appreciate the advice to use the parking brake but for me that is just a bandage instead of a solution. You have to use your keyboard or even worse allocate another button on you controller with limited number of buttons. I'm dreaming of development not only fixes. Doors opening/closing, nothing fancy, just the simulation of real life basic scenarios.

    Best regards

    Could someone advise me if there is an Engine ON-OFF toggle in FS2. Reading through the manual I didn't found one. Some of the planes have the tendency to immediately start to roll even when my throttle slide is at its absolute lowest position. Thanks

    I don't have but personally used this monitor in a local computer shop. For whatever it's worth these are my comments regarding it.

    1) This monitor is too wide to be practical use even in a flight simulator application. It's sheer size will force you, instead of using your eyes to follow the important parts of the display, to turn your head to view those side panel scene areas. In a few minutes this caused neck pain for me and I'm sure can cause nausea, possibly not quite bad as a VirtualReality device, but plenty enough to stop playing your game.

    2) While this monitor is probably good quality its screen ratio means that you'll have no real improvement in your overall view of the important details. It's only a 1080 (vertical) pixel size so your plane and instruments, dials will be in best case only slightly larger (14.5") that that of 24" monitor's.

    3) I'm not a gamer and cannot comment at all about its functionality in fast, shoot them up games.

    The decision is of course always the buyer's but these are things that you may want to consider.

    I'm using a DELL-P4317Q 43" monitor that would be the maximum size I'd recommend for gaming. Even when sitting 27" from its screen at times I must crane my neck to follow the action. Anything larger would get tiring real soon. Recall when you were a kid and sat in the first row in the movie theater. It has its drawbacks. This is a 4K monitor which is really what you want for better resolution and has a 21" high screen (vs 14.5" of the Samsung you interested in.)

    In retrospect I'd by a good quality 4K TV monitor (if possible with Display Port connection). Those typically have very good adjustment capabilities including a remote controller, that is way superior to some built in push buttons setup control in traditional monitors.) Most also have the advantage of automatically up-scaling to 4K resolution, attempting to smooth and improve the graphical contents of programs like Microsoft FSX where many of the traditional planes, backgrounds, and texture resolutions are fairly poor.