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    Hi, I had to format my HDD where RC8 was installed. The drive came out formatting with another drive letter, which is fine. BUT now I can't reinstall RC8 as during the install routine I cannot choose the install directory anymore, and then gets some error message and the routine fails to install. I tried to uninstall with the help of application menu in W10 but of course I get a error message telling me the drive does not exist, which is correct as the drive has been formatted before RC8 could have been desinstalled. Now I guess I have to clean the registry to enable a fresh and clean reinstall of RC8, any advise what are the keys to clear ?


    Yep, I found the RC8.exe in the sandbox many times. Have sent the file to Avast for whitemarking and so far so good. Duh I haven't ever looked in the sandbox, never received any notification tough. The antivirus just grab the file away from it's directory and put it in the sandbox. Lesson learned...

    Hi, since about 1 1/2 year I'm trying to enjoy RC8 but fail miserably because I cannot get RC8 to stay on my PC for more than a few days each. Suddently the exe file disappear and the shortcuts that the install programm put on the desk doesn't work anymore. (remember the .exe just disappeared) Each time that happen (3 times in the last 4 days) I have to desinstall RC8 using the W10 program manager, check any Aerofly folder remaining and delete them, then reinstall again. I'v been trying to install to various HDD internal disks, at the root generally. I still have this issue and it really start to get on my nerves. Can you pls advise and check or refund me if after all this time your software is still not operating properly.

    Hello. I have intsalled RC8 on W10 PC and after some time the exe dissapear, like the software has been wiped out. I had to reinstall all over again and this cycle has existed for 3-4 times over now. But now it is even more sketchy as it seems I simply cannot install RC8 anymore, I get error message about a file which cannot be accessed about half time during insstall. To install I have to open the CD, click the executable with admin rights. It seems the CD cannot just plug & play. I just had a major new W10 update maybe this is the issue ?