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    I’ve been really impressed with the Profi flight modeling but there are two edge case conditions that seem to be missing which would be nice additions but by know means are they must haves.

    - Mast bumping. A negative G push over (which is a big no no with a rotor system like the one in the r22) has no adverse effect other than an associated right roll. If it was modeled it might prevent some of the crazy maneuvers currently possible such as loops and rolls. Perhaps this requires the addition of a damage model?

    - LTE. Even with wind at maximum and at high density altitude it’s not possible to lose tail rotor effectiveness. Full tail authority seems to be always present. Yaw rate is affected by wind but not yaw ability.

    It takes several hours to learn to coordinate the basics of hovering a real helicopter. In that scenario you have better reference due to peripheral vision and better feedback of what’s happening in the seat of your pants.

    It takes lots of practice to do it in a sim but it’s a nice achievement when you can put it exactly where you want it and you know you are in full control.

    I would love to see a roadmap or maybe a developer blog. As a new user who came for the r22 and decided to stay thanks to its quality I’d love to know what the short term priorities are. For example, I wanted to see if I could green screen a mixed reality VR flight so went looking for the replay function. A search reveals it’s been on the to do list for over a year but is still not available in VR. It’s a small team and I know other things take higher priority. I’m not complaining. I would just love to know what’s on the short term schedule.

    EDIT- and I just found the blog thread :sleeping:

    Im not sure if this is a bug or just a feature that has not made it into the initial release but I notice the landing light does not seem to be working on the r22.

    Observed in VR at max settings with Vulcan and advanced AA enabled.

    I don’t know what’s causing your issues. The profi version flys perfectly for me with full size helicopter controls. Are you trying to control the helicopter anti torque axis with a keyboard? That makes no sense! Why are you trying to control an analogue axis with a digital input? I can understand not many people will have proper helicopter controls but surely you can find something better than a keyboard to fly a helicopter, even a game pad would make more sense.

    Review posted. Great work on the R22 IPACS.

    “By far the best VR flight simulation and after the recent R22 update arguably the best helicopter flight simulation available as well.

    Wonderful performance with a growing list of great quality scenery. It has a way to go to be as feature complete as some other simulators out there, but, as it is being actively worked on by the developers, I don’t doubt that will come in time.

    If you want to try your hand at flying a realistically simulated helicopter then Aerofly FS2 will not disappoint. Highly recommended.“

    As a VR user I find the map to be not very user friendly. There does not seem to be a method of zooming in and out without going to the mouse?

    A drop down list and search box would be much more user friendly. +1

    The thing to remember with a helicopter is that the rotor rpm does not change to climb or descend. It’s the rotor blade pitch angle that changes. That change in pitch requires more or less power to maintain the same rpm. The governor controls that by changing the throttle position automatically. When the pitch changes on both blades collectively you climb or descend (hence the name of the ‘collective’ lever which drives the swashplate up and down). When the swashplate tilts it creates a change in pitch of the rotor blade once per cycle as it rotates (that’s where the term ‘cyclic’ comes from).

    Many of us may be used to helicopters in other sims and may be just applying full throttle and letting the governor ‘take over’ and control the engine.

    The Aerofly r22 is more realistic than that. If you have a physical throttle axis bound you can slowly apply power until the needles are in the green and you will still have physical travel left to adjust rpm in flight. This models how the r22 correlator works in real life (just without the physical feedback).

    If you have been applying full throttle at startup you will notice your manifold pressure is higher than expected and your rpms are high and not in the green arc.

    This is nice attention to detail IPACS. Well done :thumbup: