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    But I can already tell you that the nVidia MX150 is selected in the nVidia Control Panel as the default graphical processor to use. Furthermore i've already played AFS2 in even higer resolution, like in 4K on my laptop (HP Spectre x360 15-bl100).

    When I play in other (higher) resolutions than the native one of my (extrernal) monitor - like 2560x1600 - then I got typical problems like some part of the screen that are missing or not accessible, which is normal. I can play in lower resolutions of course but this is not the goal when I bought this screen 8o

    My question is quite simple : why is the resolution 2560x1440 not available/selectable in AFS2 ? (2560x1600 exists but not 2560x1440)

    Hello Jan,

    Yes I can provide this, later today because I'm at work. But I don't really see in what this log file will help as it contains information on the startup process of the game, to eventually inform about error details.

    Actually I don't encounter any problems or crashes with the game, except that the resolution of my screen (2560x1440) does not appear in the list of possible resolutions under Graphis settings section. Is this list hard-coded or is it somewhere part of a config file ?

    I will provide you with the tm.log file ASAP.

    Thanks again for your quick support,



    My graphic card is a nVidia MX150 which allows to manage up to 4K resolutiion. All Windows and drivers updates are installed. I don't think it is a problem with the graphic card as the standard resolution 2560x1440 is not in the list within AFS2 which I found strange...


    Thanks a lot everybody for your explanations.

    @Jetjockey10 : what do you mean by "the AFS2 version of GMapHD" ? I see only GMapHD compatible for Mac, PC, Android or iOS but I think you mean GMapHD linked to AFS2. I've read somewhere that the FSWidgets Network Pack is no more necessary to link AFS2 and GMapHD, do you confirm ?

    Hello All,

    I'm using Aerofly FS 2 for some months now and wanted to get a (free) solution to allow me to make flight plan, look at VFR/IFR charts for airports, and follow my flight on a moving map. After doing a lot of research it appears that I could probably not have all of this for free :) So I decided to use SkyVector (or equivalent for Europe) to prepare my plans and get STAR/IAP charts and so on but for the moving map - ideally on a separate device like an Android tablet - I've found this place on the forum that made me know the existence of the FSWidgets GMapHD tool which moreover is recently compatible with AFS2 :)

    What is not clear for me is about the pricing of this tool and extra costs for places (maps) that are outside US/Canada. I thought this tool would just use Google Maps for example (in on-line mode) to get data from AFS2 and place the plane over the map based on these data but apparently it is not working this way.

    Can someone give more explanations on how this tools work and what is free inside it, and how it costs to be able to flight over Europe places ? (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland are my places of interest for now even if only Switzerland and Innsburck are covered areas in AFS2 for Europe, but the upcoming ORBX Netherlands TrueEarth product will start to make things move forward...)

    There are also other products such as Air Navigation PRO which is available for Android (and iOS) but there is no plugin - as far as I know - to enable to link with Aerofly FS 2 (but there is a connectivity suite for FSX).

    Thanks a lot in advance,