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    Hm, this thread is becoming yet another whish-list - don't get me wrong, it's alright but knowing how development works in general these will most likely never materialize.

    True. For example, fairs and exhibitions sometimes have this push that something new must be presented on it. This will move focus to a new work item which, combined with low resources will be a diabolical loop. Always working on something new for the next exhibition and constantly leaving incomplete components behind.

    3D Studio is unavailable for most of the community. Wouldn't it be possible to have a standalone model importer accepting open-format industry standard file types (object+animation) and not just application-specific exporters?

    I hate pointing fingers on Blender, but for someone new to AC3D (and has any Blender background) there's no reason to pick it at 150 USD.

    yes there is. We have highlighting for EditPad Pro, I made one for Notepad++ (expanded from the old Aerofly RC 5 toolset).

    If I remember I can upload the notepad++ highlighting this evening. Its not really dynamic in Notepad++, so I need to keep it up to date manually.

    But it highlights the code nicely and highlights key words and all known parameters.

    Superb, thank you!

    Btw, is there a syntax highlight setup existing for aerofly text formats for any text editors? It can help to unveil typos and banal syntax errors.

    For e.g. notepad++ or sublime it would be nice.

    So basically control surfaces are simulated as if the aircraft was a huge RC model with model servos moving the surfaces? :)

    ... So just increasing the flap angle already can affect things like: when I switch from one aircraft to the next, how much flap will the next aircraft have at initialization.

    About this initialization. Is one better off re-starting AFS2 if switching aircraft-to prevent this issue (for now)?

    My wish list is simple: Just the aircraft where the designers have the most fun to do it. So it will be finished and deployed with love and enthusiasm. Nothing worse than doing stuff you don`t like to do.

    Th devil lies in the details. Here, it's the 80-20 rule. Most tasks can be done to 80% completion at 20% of the time frame, while the rest 20% of progress is being done at the remaining 80%. There is no such favorite task that won't turn into a chore when it's no longer seeing high amounts of progress in a short time.

    Unfortunately, it's that upper 20% of completion that gives something the preception of complete, that makes the difference.

    The is no way around the grinding. It will always be more attractive to start something new and bring it up to 80% rather than finishing anything just to be 100%.

    Most of us been there, done that. It's the question if we have the guts to face it.

    I can't wait the A320 to be finished.

    Yes, but not the source code, just the editor :)

    I do plan on finishing the tmedit tool though, its quite far in progress but some of the broken features need to be repaired yet.

    I see. :) Sorry for the confusion, for me github is not necessarily code (e.g. opencv libs prebuilt for mingw is on a github repo).

    I've interpreted your post about that tool not yet ready for public as something to be published at some point, possibly in the sdk. Then I'll just keep entertaining myself with my pet project.

    I've been also doing this in my spare time, like the other tool-related things. I have around 2 hours in the game,

    I did not say it would be a text editor.:)

    My plan was/is the following:

    * C++ with wxwidgets, wxshapeframework made with code::blocks -> cross-platform, project template working

    * GUI with visual block editor (+text editor view), editable templates

    * Basic checks (unresolved references, broken signal flow, no inputs etc.)

    * long-term goal: 3D model viewer/marker, question is how to get full ac3d support.

    If you guys have what we could use (no support, use at own risk etc.), why not put on github?