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    Hey Ray, at first I'll have to get up to speed with the tools as I'm really really new to AFS2. But if the task can be described, we can start thinking on the resolution. :) We can also try hardware related problems as well.


    Kisvakond has a major position now, because we just have one missing step about the coordinate files.

    I will contact you and discuss the task.


    Whoa, that's some responsibility there. I hope we can make some progress quickly.

    Let me know about the input data you have and the output data you want it to be. :)

    Actually I'm not that VR person (yet). I've seen those virtual hands for the VR mode. I've used 3-points IR tracking with freetrack and a 32" TV so I can see the keyboard/mouse/hotas while also having freelook hands free. Now I'm working on a 6-axis inertial head tracker solution. Hopefully AF 2 has or will have headtracker support (anything that can be sorted out with opentrack ^^).

    Aerofly FS 2 is still being developed. We will work through the addition of what you are looking for but it's going to take some time. Much of what you are seeking is on our 'to-do' list.

    Improvements to the aircraft systems in particular are being worked on and will be released as they are completed in updates.

    Thank you for the replies! I was hoping that none of the features I was asking about is considered excessive or out of scope.

    My first impression was very good, it looks and runs better on my laptop than that dx9 game we won't name (I assume you might have dx12/vulkan plans later down the road) and the A320 cockpit looks very nice, with a working MCDU. Until the top panel buttons start to work, I'll study the glass cockpit.

    So I think I'll put my faith in you guys, have my money for granted. :)



    I'm new to FS2 and the community.

    I've just purchased the sim mostly for playing around with the onboard systems of the A320, only to find out that power and propulsion systems are not (yet ?) available... :(

    I've read that the devs keep rolling out items on their to-do lists, is such a list or roadmap available?

    Will there still be significant updates coming ?

    Honestly, I'm hesitant to keep FS 2 in its current state as I'm missing three elements (correct me if I've just overlooked something):

    * power and propulsion subsystems on all aircraft to be able to simulate cold and dark startups, mid-air engine stops/restarts, systems affected by power outage etc.

    * ground services (e.g. switch between ground and onboard power, re-fuelling, pushback, ground crew etc.)

    * damage/failure injection, diagnostic operations or e.g. single-engine flying etc.

    Honestly, the first point would be fair enough for me to keep it.
    Is it worth waiting for features to arrive, or am I better off refunding? :/

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks! :)

    Best Regards