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    I was hoping I could interest one of the great painters in this forum in doing a BBJ repaint for the 747. I have honestly tried to do it myself but no joy...

    Just feels wrong to be doing short hops with a 747 airliner and would really enjoy flying this bird as a corporate jet :-)

    Something like this:

    [Blocked Image:]


    [Blocked Image:]



    well... the 737 cockpit would have to be redone, basically from scratch. Even though there might be the occasional switch that could be reused as soon as you think about changing the textures you have basically remap all of the switches and then it probably takes longer than just remodeling the few switch (and copy pasting them). We also need a longer fuselage which also makes the current model a bit useless and the wings would need to be changed as well, cause the NG has different wings with more spoilers and more span I think. So yeah, all in all there is not much we could reuse from the -500, which would mean the -800 pretty much needs to be modeled from scratch.

    If we were to create a 737 NG, which one would you prefer? 737-800 NG with the new split scimitar winglets? or go straight for the MAX?

    Hey Jan, my preference would be to see you go to the MAX directly


    I work in the corporate aviation business and would wish to see any of the following in this awesome sim:

    - Bombardier Global XRS or 6000/5000 or why not the 7000 :P

    - Challenger 604 or 605/650

    - Any of the ultra long range Gulfstreams: G550, 650..(notwithstanding the know legality issues in creating any of their platforms in the sim world)

    - Dassault Falcon 2000 classic or Easy (any of the variants: EX, LX, DX, etc)

    - Dassault Falcon 900 classic or Easy (any of the variants: B, C, EX, LX DX)