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    Hi all,

    Happy new year to you! This is my first post in the screenshot thread so hopefully I'm in the right place at the right time for January, please let me know if I'm not ;)

    I've just taken the R22 for my first flight... fantastic fun! I fly RC helicopters and this handles well on the default mode. I'm using VR with Oculus Rift - very immersive.

    Anyway here are my favourite snapshots, sunset at the golden gate :D

    Heli in a Halo

    Setting sun

    Can't land here in real life ;)

    Beautiful time for flying

    Looking out over the Golden Gate and SF

    Heading home...


    This is my first post here, just wanted to say the VR hands update is excellent. Really immersive experience!

    However I do want to report an issue with the sub-menu not working and I wanted to check if it's just me? I'm using an Oculus rift with touch controllers (full retail bundle). The instructions state that you need to press the menu button, however for me it seems to be I need to hold down the left trigger button. When the sub-menu does appear the toggle hud function works, but the other options (e.g. moving the joystick left or right to change view) do not work. Does anyone else with Oculus see the same issue?

    Other other request, as noted by others, would be great to get a small physical feedback when you grab a control, e.g. throttle, yoke, mixture, flaps. etc as confirmation you've grabbed it!

    Thanks again for the fantastic update, I've flown over 100 hrs in a full size Cessna and the VR simulator version is really impressive.