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    Thanks Jeff. I see the option now. I see that I needed to keep pressing the same key repeatedly (1,2,3 as the case may be) to cycle views for a certain view category. I was just pressing each key once.

    I'm going to try attaching a second monitor and see if I can get a cockpit instruments view going on that. Does AeroFly have a "panel only" view? I didn't see one when cycling views. Or would the internal cockpit view be the closest to that?


    Just started using AeroFly FS2 and love the visual appeal and performance. I just wanted to get the latest status on this topic.

    Is it possible with the latest update, to get a pure external view on AeroFly FS2 without the cockpit? I'm looking at a setup where I could may be run the instruments on one screen and the out-of-window view on a larger TV.