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    Thanks for your hard work. Only Got round to downloading this yesterday...brilliant work as always. The Glass looks fine on my setup Steve... you managed to get over that hurdle then? For some reason I find it doesn't like being on the ground... contact with ground makes it leep up to height... anyone else getting that?


    That isn't quite correct Jan. You did indeed get the undercarriage working on the B339 for me and I'm very grateful for it since I do at least get some pleasure for my own efforts flying it in SIM. But You didn't do the Spitfire Mk1 I'm afraid. It was wasting so much time on trial and error and getting nowhere with that, that did it for me as far as developing for AF2. I had intended to build both models into payware standard models with a VC but that's not going to happen now. I think until tools to make animation and basic TMD set ups are available for all users, there is always going to be very limited 3rd party development for this SIM. I don't know what happened to the guy from flying Iron and his Spitfire MK9... he seemed to have got his undercarriage working and things looked pretty advanced... great shame.

    AF2 is my favourite of the currently available flight SIMs but it is the choice to fly almost anything any where that keeps me going back to FSX and to a lesser degree these days XP11. AF2 would have had more enduring appeal to me if they had even developed more in house payware aircraft addons. What they have is superb, but its the almost endless variety that I miss in comparison to the others.

    With regard to my models I decided some time ago that if the P38 pilot could be added to the Spitfire and the Corsair Pilot to the Buffalo B339, and the Spitfire flight model completed, then I would be happy to give them to the AF2 community to enjoy as freeware without VC models. No pilot... no go as far as I'm concerned... hate to see an empty office. If your prepared to do the work Jan (as you pretty much seem to be the only one who really knows what they're doing:)) you'd be most welcome but I'm afraid I'm not willing to waste anymore time on's too short.


    Very pleased when I saw this... been using this for a long time in FSX and XP11 and its outstanding. I wonder if the new option.tmc will allow the AF2 version to have the variable loadouts like the ones that the other sim versions have. The Pilot is a must I agree. I refrained from buying the Falke so far because of the lack of pilot... I keep hoping there will be a Steam version and that will have a pilot. Anyway glad to hear about this.


    Hi Matt,

    We're investigating if we can create a repaint kit for the A320. The textures are not as well organized, e.g. the fuselage is cut into several pieces on the texture so that it's not easy to write text on the fuselage. I think we had an Aer Lingus livery at some point during the development but I'm not sure if that is still up to date and could be published or not. We're evaluating this as well.

    Thanks Jan

    that's great on both counts.


    1) All the 3rd party repaints for your aircraft, and repaints for 3rd party aircraft (payware and freeware) are not displaying. regardless of where the repaint folders are put.

    2) Scenery problem at Miami Airport

    3) Bit of Wheel showing through left wing on Barron

    4) Some of retracted U/C on F18 is breaking into the intake


    Sitting looking at lines of code for an hour this morning I've come to the conclusion that I don't understand this enough for it to be worth me wasting even another week on this so I've reluctantly had to admit defeat and give up. Perhaps Alex will succeed in getting his Mk9 Spitfire done so we can enjoy flying that in AF2 but I'm afraid my models wont be making it into AF2 skies. Sorry.


    I spent some more time on this yesterday but it still doesn't work... I really can't see what the problem is. I took the rigid body graphics out for the lower leg and wheel, but had to leave their dynamic sections in or the TMD crashed and the Cessna was loaded. The axis on the joint with fuselage.... can I clarify should be the hinging axis, I.e running roughly front to back... or should it be along the UC leg axis which is sideways in plan view but twisted backward 30deg? In either case to calculate the x0 value I need to get a vector from my spreadsheet using two points along it? R0 can be the pivot given in my spreadsheet or that point on the corner of the door that I've been using? One final query... should the hydraulic cylinder be bent back at 30deg so that it's acting directly inline with the retraction?

    This might give me some things I can try. I'm going to focus on getting this done this week... or at least making some significant progress. If I'm unable well I think it will be quitting time. Whatever happens I do appreciate the help you guys have given me.


    This is the code of the joint. R0 I've put in as the xyz co ordinates of the point on the Gear door shown above

                    <[tmvector3d][X0][ 1.0 0.0 0.0 ]>
                    <[tmvector3d][R0][0.029 0.844 -0.853 ]>

    As you say...

    Regarding X0:

    Set a rotation around Z by 30deg and a y rotation by 5 degrees. No additional 90° rotation since the gear is defined in the down state.

                    <[tmvector3d][X0][ 1.0 0.087266 0.523599 ]>

    Is that correct? (radians)


    I've re-jigged the model so that using this pivot point on the door (which is now attached to the upper gear)….

    These angles...

    The Gear should tuck neatly away.

    I cant work out how to translate this into what to put into the Matrix Generator... is this right?

    Ive attached the latest version of the TMD, TGI exporterTM Log and Aircraft converter log. Maybe you can make some sense of why its not working?


    Another day spent stabbing in the dark and getting nowhere. I don't think I can take much more of this. I know you don't want me to give up and I don't really want to myself but there will come a point where I have to for the sake of my sanity.... my mind is getting like this:)