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    As an example here is the Aileron Dynamics Code I've got so far...

    Here is the graphics section so far... left Aileron only as example

    They work but Id like to set the correct throws if its not too involved.

    KR Matt

    Unfortunately AC3D doesn't allow for that and has no onboard Animation either


    I'm working on the Main Gear in the TMD on the Spit... man I thought the control surfaces where bad. Got some questions related to this...

    what are the R0 and R1 values required here in this code for the gear hydraulic cylinder? Could also do with knowing what the 2D matrix refers to in the linear Interpolation section

    I've placed a dummy cylinder in the model to represent the gear actuating cylinder (by eye to the sketches I've got) but I'm thinking something more is going to be required here? If that cylinder stroke is what is going to determine the arc the UC leg swings through, that's going to waste a lot of time in trial and error as I have no details of that.

    Thanks Matt


    OK Here is the promised normalized vector calculator... an EXCEL 2003 created xls spreadsheet. The usual Caveats apply... use is entirely at your own risk. It works ok for me and Jan has looked it over so hopefully it will be a help to others. After I'd filled a full page of my work diary with the calculations needed for just the Left Aileron of my Spitfire I decided something like this would be worth the effort.

    Important Note the XYZ axis in your modelling program may not be the same as in AF2, so you may need to take this into account when you are putting data into the calculator above. That is certainly true in AC3D but the exporter seems to correct for this when exporting the model TGI file. in AF2... X is FORWARD (Direction Nose is pointed), Y is SIDE to SIDE and Z is UP and Down. Its a pain when taking XYZ co-ordinates from my modelling program as I mentally have to transpose them. Changing them in the model program would require a very odd working orientation.

    here is an example of its use.... The prop pitch axis for my Buffalo. I noticed on both the Spitfire and the Buffalo that I was getting a wonky display of the rotating Prop and it turned out it was the incorrect specification of the pitch axis... you got something like this...

    The three blades of the Buffalo are shown here along with the point co-ordinates required to work things out... obtained from the modelling program.

    as an example here is the data for propeller2 put into the calculator… in this instance I only needed the axis and not the pivot

    data added to the TMD code....

    More normally you want the axis and pivot... The Buffalo left Aileron is used here to illustrate.

    Hope above is clear enough and will be of some help to others. I would suggest if anyone adds technical info like this they give it a clear header as above...

    makes it easier when searching.

    KR Matt

    I know a handful of people other than IPACS staff have successfully created aircraft for AF2 (Sylvain, Steve, Kai, Dino and Krystoff come readily to mind). The most challenging area seems to be the creation of the necessary config files and most of us will readily admit that any headway that is made is in no small measure facilitated by help from IPACS' Jet-pack (Jan). He is heavily involved with a master's thesis at the moment and will no doubt not have as much time to help us out. What I was wondering is is there a willingness to share what has been learned and help each other whether for payware or freeware projects in a sort of self help group😀 I'm very much in the early stages of learning the ropes myself and will no doubt have questions... but also have stuff that I can share. For example I have created a spreadsheet to work out normalised vector data and pivot points from the coordinates of two points ( after Jan explained the math involved)... found that made things a lot easier trying to get control surface animations to work. Anyway let us know if you're in. We can make this thread a place to share learning.


    I didn't actually Overloaded so thank you for mentioning it. I've re-checked a couple of the sources I've been using and they do say that some late mk1a aircraft had the blown canopy and fishtail exhausts so is it possible perhaps they had limited application to earlier marks of Spitfire?


    Preparatory to doing the Spitfire materials I've been adjusting the Buffalo textures to try to tone down the gloss... current appearance I really like. Also some tweaks to prop fade. Getting there.


    Spitfire Mk1a exterior model finally tested in the SIM.


    Late version with fishtail Exhaust and Blown canopy...


    Just the Wings left to do now with panel and Rivet details...


    Spitfire 1a is pretty much done externally now apart from a few small details I missed like the pitot tube and Nav lights. Then on to the pilot and aerofly materials. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the SIM. I've built a few additional variation parts like the fishtail exhaust and fully blown canopy glass that was used on some late 1a aircraft. Also the streamlined mirror shroud (as it seems DWK has it). I'm not sure if it will be practical to implement them all in the final product as AF2 doesn't (as far as I'm aware) provide a means to hide and display individual mesh objects but we'll see.


    Thanks to Jan's hard work the Buffalo is flying well, although it will be nice to see someone sat in the office.


    Sorry for not posting for a while but progress is being made behind the scenes.

    Firstly... Jan has got the Brewster functioning at the current level nicely just needs some tweaks to the Prop sync and then I will show some more pics of that.

    Secondly the Spit... External model is mostly complete and at the moment I'm working on the texture art. Panel and Rivet lines take a long time... they wont be this prominent in the end … I just need them to be so at the moment so I can see what I'm doing. Done some internal details in readiness for the Pilot figure which I've also started on but too early to show any of that. That's all the news for now.


    Been playing about with the colours, shine and I've taken the propeller disk off for now so you can see the engine. The model is efficiently built so the detail doesn't mean it has a huge vertices count... it may all come in at less than the SDK DR400 depending on my work on the pilot and VC. The Spitfire is even less.


    thanks Jan for advice.... i will give it a try when I get a chance.


    Well it worked after a fashion. It way to shiny, and the exporter is not generating a preview image and I don't know what's up with the object "PropellerDisk" but that's a problem for another day. Thanks Jan.


    I've spent a very frustrating day (as have others I gather with their projects) trying get the buffalo to materialize in AF2 without success. Here are text version of the tmc, tmd files I'm currently using, and the tm log, in case anyone can see what I'm doing wrong... but generally I'm getting no preview image and when I load the Buffalo into a flight AF2 either crashes or loads the C172. At this point I just want to look at the artwork to see if it looks ok not get a finished configuration but at the moment I'm ready to throw in the towel.

    I understood from the SDK that the sound and physics sections could be copied from a similar aircraft so I tried the F4U but then the report just has a the unreferenced geometry messages for all my objects. I take those sections out and then the report is just left with the ugly names warning. but either way it don't work for me



    • buffalo_raf_tmc.txt

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    • buffalo_raf_tmd.txt

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    • model.txt

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    • report.txt

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    • tm.log

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    thanks Kai... Ill try that out this week if I get time.

    Ain't that the truth Steve!

    I've been parousing what's been written about the config files and I'm wondering where all that data comes from.... for airfoils for example or the masses of the individual parts... I'm sure I can find the weight of the Buffalo overall but im blowed if I know how to find that out for say just the wing😀 I don't know how you did it all with your models. I have no training in advanced aeronautics😀


    I reached the point today with the Buffalo where it's ready to put the exterior model into the SIM to see what it looks like. I gather i need to create Tmc file and a tmd file to do this. What is the most basic i can get away with here? Do all the objects for example have to have all matrix xyz data at this stage? If so what is it looking for.... the centre of the object in relation to the xyz 0,0,0 ?. Oh my... job for another day I think when less tired.