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    I thought you might like to see a couple of models I've been working on in AC3D that hopefully will one day find their way into Aerofly FS2. Let me say at the outset they will in all likelyhood be payware as I'm not retired and its difficult to justify the amount of time these creations take otherwise. Other than that my plans are fluid at this stage. I work on them as and when I can. External meshes are done and I'm now working on textures and materials. After that Pilot and VC are then on the agenda.


    Spitfire Mk1a

    Another question I'll throw out there while I'm at it.... is there a quick way to identify if an object has any zero texture space on its UV texture maps?... maybe a plugin or something that I'm not aware of?


    Hi can anyone help clarify for me what is involved in setting up Materials for AF2 models created in AC3D. I'm using the 32 bit version 8. There doesn't seem to be any way in the material UI to allow the addition of shader tags for example and my version seems to look different even to what Sylvain showed in his thread about problems with bump maps.

    Here's what I get when I open a material slot…

    This can be further expanded...

    I don't see anything here to relate materials to textures as Sylvain has done. I can add textures to objects no problem but I'm just having a job relating what I'm doing in AC3D to what I'm reading about in the SDK ref materials.


    there seems to be a problem with the normal maps supplied with the military repaint k... at least I copied the ones over from the Spanish paint and it then appeared as I thought it should. Wonderful job on this guy's. Thanks.


    Ks latest build of the P40 now has my HD textures included. He has also worked on the FDE and added some controls to the cockpit so you can now slow prop speed and shutdown the engine.


    Glad Im not the only one experiencing this but to be clear...

    as well as the breaking up on the ground when loading for a runway start....

    I also get what Ray said... If I load an air start and fly around for a bit... it breaks up just before touching the ground for a runway landing.


    shouldn't be the case... the objects where all individually uv mapped and just needed placing on a texture sheet... but something could have been lost in the export / import process I guess.



    Bocian Glider

    1) falls apart and crashes on runway loading before you get a chance to do the rapid up thing.

    2) Small area on front of Stab (both sides) flashing


    Hi Krzysk

    I've made a drop tank... a bit of an approximation. 967 vertices with uvw maps that will need to be laid out as you see fit either on an existing texture if space or a new one. Just pm your email and tell me what format you want and I will send a copy to you.


    Hi Krzysk… a couple of requests regarding the P40

    1) would you mind including in the repaint folder a bmp copy of the main texture for the default repaint. I would like to see if doing a HD texture set is feasible. Not making any promises but I use photoshop 6 for my Artwork and it doesn't have the ability to open XCF files (not even sure what program they are for).

    2) If it seems 1) is doable would you mind including "specular and alpha" in the material settings for the main parts?

    3) Id like to have a go at knocking up a Belly tank for the model in AC3D if you're agreeable... I'd need to know what software your using and what model of P40 were dealing with... The Warhawk was basically an E model used by the British wasn't it K? I had in mind that as Steve did with the F104 there could be a TMD file for with tank and without... because I don't think you could fly aerobatics with the tank on in RL so might be nice to have the choice of models.


    25th March

    Rapide Fixed apart from slight jiggling about on main wheels when on the ground.

    SH2 wheels fixed.

    Ref the Warhawk spinner... perfect now. Thanks K. Looks really great. I have noticed something else about the warhawk which I didn't notice before... that is that there may be a problem with the Geometry/Normals on the wings... particularly on the underside with surfaces showing dark when they should be lit and vice versa, also the tailwheel doors but not quite so noticeable... see screenshots below.

    The most recently uploaded models...


    1) no sounds


    P40 Warhawk

    Seems largely ok.

    Only observation (and I've only tried one of the repaints) is that because the model is of very nice quality it seems a shame to have the panel lining on the artwork a little bit thick and pixelated… would look better a bit more refined... perhaps larger textures required to facilitate? Wish I had time to help you out with it but my own projects are taking up the spare time I have available.


    Addendum... flying this a bit more have a few more observations...

    FIXED 1) Shouldn't the Prop spinner be a bit more conical (pointy) as I've tried to indicate on shot below?

    2) Would it be possible to have a model carrying the belly tank as these sometimes did?


    Dragon Rapide

    Superb model but a few issues...

    FIXED 1) Finish far too reflective?

    FIXED 2) no sound

    3) fidgets a bit on the runway but at least doesn't seem to crash