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    I had noticed that it doesn't seem to want to stay up in the heavens...just assumed it was like that in real life. It feels rather like a Horsa or one of those military gliders where the aim is not to soar but just get down in one piece😀


    Amazing! How's that Malcolm Hood Mustang coming along K. It looked Superb.

    I meant to ask also if a fix had been found for the Beech C18... for me upon loading it just shakes about and then crashes repeatedly.


    No promises, but I am expecting a few warplanes. I don't know about the vc, but I understand that FS1 had flying models by Kzrysk of the the P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, F6F Hellcat, P-38 Lightning, 303 Hurricane and Spitfire . This puts them on the short list, I think, sound interesting?


    They're the ones I've been looking forward too most. Others released are great and am enjoying them.... but cant beat a Stang and a Spit for Excitement and looks^^


    C18 now loads ok so progress there. Other problems to report...

    1) no sound

    2) After tucking gear... landing gear has a spasm and flight reloads.

    attached tm extract re c18 flight


    PZL and Socata… lovely uneventful flights. PZL artwork outstanding.

    Rutan lovely flyer...

    1) Too reflective but I understand that is WIP

    2) Lining on liveries is a bit pixelated. I'm not sure how you textured this but may be redoing as larger size textures might sort this. AF2 seems to cope well with HD artwork.

    AN2... Door can be added to list of parts that look too reflective.

    DH1... noticed a bit of Z buffering on the Right Wing Root by flaps.... surface interfering with fuselage behind it. Not a problem on left.

    Seeing how great the PZL is I cant wait to see the Mustang and Spitfire you've done in SIM.


    Trimotor... wow what a detailed model... all those corrugated surfaces. Personally I'd prefer the Aluminium a bit less polished and clean but I'm sure there are just as many who like it as is. Just personal taste.

    Took the Yak 18 for a spin and a few things to report...

    1) not getting any sound

    2) on ground left side door flaps open and close.... when airborne and wheels tucked up door is closed ok

    3) Right Aileron may have a geometry or normal problem as it is shaded dark on the lit side


    Thanks for sharing these great models Krzysk. Is it ok to leave feedback here?

    1) Beech D18 defaults to Cessna... tm attached in case it helps identify problem

    2) colour washed out on Trimotor... too much reflection I think

    3) similar problem with AN2 canopy frame and interior

    4) Chipmunk loads with canopy open and I cant find a way to close it

    Only had a brief chance to try them out... Love the PZL. Will let you know if I find anything else.


    Re: the AO Maps Alex... have you looked at the ones in the SDK DR400? They are a BMP that is largely white with a few shaded areas of grey.

    I haven't had a go at this yet but the way I had in mind to do this is to take the greyscale AO and whack up the brightness and contrast to get something like the SDK example... and if that didn't work I was going blend/multiply the greyscale over a pure white background and see how that looks... maybe tweak brightness and contrast of that.


    This was how I did my reflection maps for Steve's F104 (there may be better ways I don't know)...

    create a grey texture layer with panel and rivet detail above (and anything else you want to include... Steve had added some panel shading to his paint kit which I included). This was flattened and saved as bmp. I then created a bright red texture background and blend/multiplied the flattened grey texture over the red to give the required red scale result. When flattened that I experiment with darkening and less saturation... to get desired result. Darker and less saturated is more subtle and generally better unless you want polished metal. Kai posted a useful colour chart somewhere here which was helpful.


    Alex... that prop blurring looks excellent. I think AF2 does that better than any other Flight sim I've tried IMOP. Gonna try what I suggested for that with the spinner?... I shall be interested to see if it works for my project.


    I've tried the S211 on Jetpacks site and it works ok. The problem seems to be there are a number of versions available and not all work with current Beta... not your problem but I appreciate Jans help in working that out.